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Heron Pond Farm Winter CSA 3/23, 3/25 & 3/27-29

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Sunday, March 22 :: 5:47pm

  Ok, so at this point it has gotten a little out of hand. Yes it was cold and yes we had a lot of snow, but I believe it's reasonable to expect at least most of the snow to be gone by now, nearly the end of March. As we can all see, no such luck! I'm running out of positives with regards to the snow and cold. I guess that it has kept the deer out of the overwintered parsnips and....that's all I've got. We know it will melt but when?May?

  Thankfully, the roots in storage are fine and we have a fine supply of greens. Shallots have kept much better than onions and so you'll find those in your share this week. For those of you in Portsmouth and Dover, this is your last pickup and we'll send you away with one last head of cabbage. Our farm stand members have one more pickup in April.

  We hope that you'll sign up soon for our summer CSA. Much of the same that you received last season with more effort on getting you sweet potatoes, basil and early carrots.

  Let's stay warm and keep our heads up, spring will come!    Best, Greg

This weeks' share:

  2 lbs potatoes

  2 lbs carrots

  1 lb parsnips

  1 lb watermelon radish

  1 celeriac

  1/2 lb shallots

  2 apples

  1 bag salad greens

  1 head cabbage:  PORTSMOUTH AND DOVER ONLY


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