Hidden Brook Egg Share

$120 / 20 week egg share. 1 doz per week.

Chris and Holly Batchelder

Hidden Brook Farm, Kensington, NH

“For us, farming began as a hobby,” says Kensington native Chris Bachelder. “We started out with a couple of cows and 10 chickens, and kept adding. Now we have 40 cows and 230 chickens.” Their beef is mostly grass fed with some grain, and their chickens are cage free. They grow tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, green beans and potatoes. It’s been difficult for Chris and Holly to make a living solely by farming, so they own draft horses and offer carriage and sleigh rides. Holly laughs, “I didn’t know what I was getting into. We love the animals and the lifestyle that allows Chris, our daughter Katlyn, and I to be together, even if it’s chores.” As a first generation farmer, Chris has wonderful mentors in Harry and Hal Bodwell of Bodwell’s Farm in Kensington. “They taught us the ropes, what we were doing wrong, and have given us invaluable advice over the years.” Holly adds, “We’ve learned just how much we love this work. We feel very connected to the rhythm of life.” 

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