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Posted 6/26/2015 6:18pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  Starting to turn the corner into more diverse harvests on the farm. In addition to some of the new characters on this weeks list like peas, kohlrabi and beets we are very close to harvesting new potatoes! The rain has been great although after we couldn't buy a fraction of an inch for so many weeks we are now struggling to stay on the fields between storms. Drought to flood very quickly!

  Right now on the farm we are trying to keep the planting going while taking care of everything already in the ground. Weeds seem to grow well regardless of the conditions but they do especially well, and grow quickly, when we have plenty of rain. Tomatoes everywhere on the farm look good and the early corn is about to tassel. Carrots and beans are coming along despite a low level assault by our neighborhood deer. Onions look fantastic but will need our attention to free them of weeds. As our favorite farm administrator says, onward!

   Enjoy the veggies,    Greg

This weeks share:

                        Full Share                                       Half Share

               2 tomatoes                                          1 tomato

               1 bag salad greens                         1 bag salad greens or 1 head lettuce

               1 head lettuce                                     1 bunch kale

               1 bunch kale                                       2 heads bok choi

               2 heads bok choi                                1 bunch sprouting broccoli

               1 bunch sprouting broccoli                    1/2 lb sugarsnap peas

               1 lb sugarsnap peas                            1 kohlrabi

               1 kohlrabi

               1 bunch beets


Posted 6/19/2015 8:17pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  Most of our main season crops are planted now. Still have some melons, peppers and eggplant to get in the ground and winter squash will go in next week. Lots of tending crops this time of year. Cultivating, irrigation, hand weeding and protecting crops from pests of the six and four legged types.

  We had looked forward to putting head lettuce in the share this week, but the deer had other ideas. Now if the deer simply ate twenty heads of lettuce, we could live with it. But when the deer take one bite each from 250 heads (and in one night!) we get a little upset.

  We are getting very close on sugarsnap peas, beets and new potatoes. We'll keep you posted on their progress. Enjoy the veggies and take advantage of these longest days of the summer!


This weeks share:

                   Full Share                                          Half Share

               2 tomatoes                                             1 tomato

               2 bags salad greens                               1 bag salad greens

               2 heads bok choi                                   2 heads bok choi

               1 lb swiss chard                                      1/2 lb swiss chard

               1 quart strawberries                                1 pint strawberries

               1 bunch of kale

Posted 6/13/2015 5:07am by Andre Cantelmo.

  Here on the farm we're still quite busy with planting. There is a transplanting crew working almost every day to get our crops in the ground. Currently we are planting sweet potatoes and recently finished putting in the leeks. Next week will see lettuce, celeriac and melons go in. The planting won't really let up until July, and even then there are regular plantings of some crops.

  We have a few new crops to share this week. We do have some scallions for you this week to add a little something to your cooking. For the full share, you'll get a taste of our sprouting broccoli. Very tasty, don't overcook this treat. We also have strawberries this week. Our crop is light this year and we are supplementing with berries from Brookdale Farm in Hollis. I've sampled berries (and more than one I can tell you!) from each source and found them all to be delicious. Nothing like June strawberries!

       Enjoy,   Greg


This weeks share:

                   Full Share                                     Half Share

            1 quart strawberries                            1 pint strawberries

            2 tomatoes                                        1 tomato

            2 bags of salad greens                        1 bag salad greens

            1 lb bok choi                                      1/2 lb bok choi

            1 lb swiss chard                                  1/2 lb swiss chard

            1 bunch scallions                                1 bunch scallions

            1 bunch of sprouting broccoli

Posted 6/12/2015 4:46am by Andre Cantelmo.

  HPF is looking for help with sales and customer service this season. We currently have openings for our CSA delivery, farmers market and farm stand. We're looking for folks with good people skills who love local food and can do the veggie lifting that comes with the jobs. We love what we do here at the farm and our staff is lively and energetic.

  Part and full time available. Hours vary depending upon position. These are seasonal positions that run through October and possibly November. We will consider candidates with other fall commitments. 

  Respond to

Posted 6/5/2015 7:59pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   So here we go! We don't have a lot of food yet, but there are certainly enough greens to get things rolling. Some salad greens as well as cooking greens. And a tomato from our greenhouses to liven things up. We have a variety of salad greens around right now. The swiss chard is small, tender and sweet. Bok choi is also smaller and very tender. Those who find arugula to be a little strong may enjoy it more as a pesto to lessen the sharpness.

   Pickups will begin this Sunday, June 7th, at the farm stand for those who chose that day. If you chose a Saturday pickup, your first pickup will be next Saturday June 13th. The farm stand is open from 9:00 to 6:00 daily.

   First Dover pickup is this Monday June 8th from 3:00 to 7:00 at 126 Mast Road. If you don't arrive by 7:00 we'll bag your share and leave it at the site to be picked up before 9:00 that night or by the following evening. After that time shares are donated.

   First Portsmouth pickup is Wednesday June 10th from 3:00 to 7:00 at 140 Orchard Street. Shares are distributed from the barn which fronts on Ash Street. Shares not collected by 7:00 are bagged up and left until the following evening, after which they are donated. Please be mindful of our neighbors while parking.

   We're looking forward to a great season. See you this week!  Greg


  This weeks share:

           Full Share                                  Half Share

     1 tomato                                      1 tomato

     1 bag salad greens                      1 bag salad greens

     1 bag baby arugula                      1/2 lb swiss chard

     1 lb swiss chard                            3/4 lb bok choi

     1.5 lbs bok choi

Posted 5/28/2015 8:41pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  We're almost there! The veggies are growing and some are ready for harvest. The crew has been working hard to not only plant and tend our crops, but also to keep it all watered in this significant dry spell. Although we had a late start with the lingering snow (remember that stuff?) many crops are in and we're excited about the start of this season.

  Our CSA pickups will begin on Sunday June 7th at the farm stand. The CSA week runs from Sunday to Saturday so if you are a Saturday pickup at the stand, your first pickup will be June 13th. The first Dover pickup will be June 8th and the first Portsmouth pickup on June 10th. At our remote sites you may pick up your shares between 3:00 and 7:00.

  I will send out weekly emails, on either Friday or Saturday, to let you know what will be in the shares the following week. For the first week, I will also send out reminders with more detailed information, particularly for the remote sites.

  With pickups starting soon it is also time for balances to be addressed, unless you've made other arrangements with us already. You can check your membership status here Membership Status. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

   Looking forward to a great season,    Greg

Posted 4/6/2015 6:31pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Well here we are at last approaching the final pickup of the HPF Winter CSA. What a winter it has been! Although we have yet to see many signs of spring, at least the snow is at last melting. This will be our latest ever start to spring plowing and planting, although the temperatures could turn warm in a hurry. Let's hope that they do!

  We've certainly appreciated growing your veggies and look forward to more of the same this summer. Our summer CSA registration is available via our website or you can contact me and I'll sign you up. We're excited about the upcoming season and the nice weather ahead.



This week's share:

   2 lbs potatoes

   2 lbs carrots

   1 lb parsnips

   1 lb celeriac

   1/4 lb shallots

   1 head green cabbage

   1 bag salad greens

Posted 3/22/2015 5:47pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  Ok, so at this point it has gotten a little out of hand. Yes it was cold and yes we had a lot of snow, but I believe it's reasonable to expect at least most of the snow to be gone by now, nearly the end of March. As we can all see, no such luck! I'm running out of positives with regards to the snow and cold. I guess that it has kept the deer out of the overwintered parsnips and....that's all I've got. We know it will melt but when?May?

  Thankfully, the roots in storage are fine and we have a fine supply of greens. Shallots have kept much better than onions and so you'll find those in your share this week. For those of you in Portsmouth and Dover, this is your last pickup and we'll send you away with one last head of cabbage. Our farm stand members have one more pickup in April.

  We hope that you'll sign up soon for our summer CSA. Much of the same that you received last season with more effort on getting you sweet potatoes, basil and early carrots.

  Let's stay warm and keep our heads up, spring will come!    Best, Greg

This weeks' share:

  2 lbs potatoes

  2 lbs carrots

  1 lb parsnips

  1 lb watermelon radish

  1 celeriac

  1/2 lb shallots

  2 apples

  1 bag salad greens

  1 head cabbage:  PORTSMOUTH AND DOVER ONLY

Posted 3/8/2015 7:57pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  It's starting to feel a little more seasonal around here. Although we've had a little nuisance snow it has been relief to spend time on tasks other than shoveling and plowing! Our unheated greenhouses for greens still haven't come on strong but our heated houses have really started to take off. We've begun seeding after a delay to renovate our early greenhouse. Grafted tomato plants for our greenhouse production are doing well and the earliest crops will be planted up in a week or so. Signs of spring indeed.

  A good selection of roots in this share. Salad greens as mentioned. Very tender, a little of everything. We have a motley collection of frozen veggies left to send your way. It'll be the luck of the draw this week. Hope that everyone enjoyed those delicious berries!

  With spring just around the corner, it's a great time to consider signing up for our summer CSA. Online registration is open or you can sign up at the farm stand or remote sites. We've got lots of great summer veggies in store for the season and will do our best incorporate your suggestions into our planning.



This weeks' share:

    2 lbs potatoes

    2 lbs carrots

    1 lb parsnips

    1 lb watermelon radish

    1 lb turnip

    1 lb celeriac

    4 onions

    1 bag salad greens

    1 frozen produce item

Posted 2/26/2015 3:48pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Three River Farmers Alliance

Job Description: Customer Service Rep & Driver  

Three River Farmers Alliance is seeking a motivated individual to play a key role in our local food distribution service.  Our ideal candidate has a strong interest in local food, has a background in food or agriculture, has excellent communication skills, is comfortable driving a truck, has strong computer/technology skills, and has the ability to work independently.  Three River Farmers Alliance is a farmer-owned local food delivery service based in the Seacoast area of NH. Learn more at       

Weekly Responsibilities:  


Contact customers to remind them of the deadline for ordering or answer questions they may have

Technical assistance for customers

Send reminder email and push message to customers

Cold-calling / cold-emailing to new accounts  

Wednesday’s & Thursdays 

Delivery of goods to client list

Customer service during drop off

Throughout the week:

Technical assistance for customers

Email or phone support for questions

Social media posts and other outreach

Tuesdays and Fridays:

Schedule meetings with new accounts

Visit new accounts to drop off pamphlet and talk about service

Develop additional outreach materials

Work on new account paperwork regarding S.O.P.’s & food safety  

Commitment: 30-40 hours / week.  Requires driving box truck and the ability to lift fifty pounds. Some driving on non-delivery days for new client contact.    

Send cover letter and resume to