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Posted 11/8/2015 5:10pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The weather last week was quite a treat! Digging potatoes in November in shorts and a t-shirt is certainly unusual. The warmth has been fantastic for the growth on our salad greens and probably helped size up some of our late roots. Another beneficiary of the warm weather of the last several weeks are the brussels sprouts, which appear in this share and are filling out nicely.

   The tatsoi in this share is a great cooking green, especially in stir fries. Much lighter and tender than kale, similar to bok choi in some ways. As mentioned, salad greens are growing well and two bags appear in the share. Great ingredients for delicious meals this weeek.

  Enjoy,    Greg

This week's share:

      2 lbs potatoes

      2 lbs sweet potatoes

      2 lbs carrots

      2 leeks

      2 onions

      2 winter squash

      6 apples

      1 brussels sprout stalk

      2 bags salad greens

      1 head lettuce

      1 lb tatsoi

Posted 10/31/2015 6:55pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  As October comes to a close we are working hard to bring in our potatoes and move on to other storage crops. Most fields are planted to winter cover crops and lime has been applied. Salad greens and lettuce are planted indoors for winter harvest and spinach is on the docket next week.

  The sweet potatoes have cured nicely and have great flavor and sweetness. For those not familiar with watermelon radish it is, as the name suggests, green on the outside and red inside. While it has a little spiciness, most also find that these roots have a sweet side to them that especially comes out when roasted. For the next share we should be able to begin harvest of the brussels sprouts and bring some of the other roots into the share.

  Enjoy the beautiful weather coming up this next week and don't forget to set back your clocks tonight!     Greg

This week's list:

      2 lbs sweet potatoes

      2 lbs carrots

      1 lb watermelon radish

      4 onions

      2 leeks

      2 winter squash

      6 apples

      1 head lettuce

      1 lb kale

      1 bag salad greens

Posted 10/23/2015 3:54pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The weather early this week sure made us think about the 'winter' in winter share. Appropriately, we've been as busy as October squirrels under an oak tree, bringing in all of our acorns for the winter ahead. While cold snaps may add some urgency to our work, we really enjoy the big harvests of the fall. This work brings together everyone on the farm in a common task and serves as a celebration of our hard work all year.

   For those of you who've been with us this summer the first share will look very similar to those of recent weeks. This will soon change as we bring in a greater variety of root veggies, including scarlet turnip, watermelon radish, rutabaga, cabbage, brussels sprouts, parsnips and celeriac. One summer holdout in this week's share is eggplant, which is in great condition after being harvested ahead of last weekend's freeze. Enjoy it while you can!

  We will be on a weekly pickup schedule until Thanksgiving, after which we move to every other week. We'll have all dates listed on the website by next week. For those of you in Dover and Portsmouth, please remember that pickups are staffed from 3:00 to 6:00. If you don't make it by six you will find shares bagged for you to pick up through the following day. After this time your shares are donated. At the farm stand our hours are 9:00 to 6:00 until Thanksgiving, after which we move to 11:00 until 6:00.

  We're looking forward to an abundant season! Best, Greg


This week's share:

          2 lbs potatoes

          2 lbs carrots

          2 onions

          2 leeks

          1 eggplant

          2 winter squash

          6 apples

          1 bunch kale

          1 head lettuce

          1 bag of salad greens

Posted 10/22/2015 9:01am by Andre Cantelmo.

Dear Winter CSA Members,

Next week begins our winter share and we are very excited about this season. We had a stellar sweet potato crop, the leeks are big and beautiful, the carrots are sweet and so much more. Our crew has experienced a winter with us before and will be bringing their tricks of the trade and knowledge to the table.

Heron Pond Farm Stand Pick Up:

Pick Up at the farm stand is Thursday, Friday Saturday or Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Our physical address is 290 Main Ave South Hampton NH 03827.

The first pick up is next week starting Thursday October 29th.

Dover Pick Up:

Pick Up in Dover is on Mondays from 3pm to 6pm.  The pick up location is 126 Mast Rd. in Dover NH.  The first pick up will be this coming Monday October 26th.

Portsmouth Pick Up:

Pick Up in Portsmouth will be on Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm. The pick up location is 140 Orchard Street in Portsmouth. The property is on the corner of Ash St. and the barn you will be picking up from looks out onto Ash St. Your first pick up will be next Wednesday October 28th.

A Heron Pond crewmember will be at each location to answer questions and share in the excitement of year round local food!

From all of us here at the farm,

Thank you so much for your support! It’s going to be a delicious winter.

Posted 10/17/2015 5:13am by Andre Cantelmo.

   Another summer season has flown by and we have had some beautiful autumn weather to mark the occasion. It has been an abundant season, not without it's obstacles. We try to give you a wide variety of vegetables of as high a quality as possible each week. All of us here at the farm hope that you enjoyed the seasons' harvest with family and friends and thank you for your involvement.

  We'd thought that last week might be the last with eggplant, but we had a great harvest yesterday. I know that some of you aren't terribly fond of eggplant but you won't see another from us for another nine months. Enjoy the fruits of summer while they are around. Leeks make their first appearance this week. They seem much happier after the recent rains and are certainly delicious. Lettuce, after a long season of being food only for deer, also returns to shares. For those of you who pick up at the farm stand and are familiar with the field up front, the lettuce is planted just behind the flowers. Luckily, the deer weren't keen on walking right up the stand for their snacks!

   If you haven't already signed up for the winter share, please consider doing so soon. We'll be starting up the week of the 26th and have a great selection lined up for the fall and winter. Thanks again and eat well,  Greg

This week's share:

                   Full Share                                                       Half Share

             2 lbs potatoes                                                  1 lb potatoes

             2 lbs carrots                                                    1 lb carrots

             1 lb beans                                                       1/2 lb beans

             2 onions                                                          1 onion

             2 leeks                                                            1 leek

             1 eggplant                                                       1 eggplant

             6 apples                                                         3 apples

             2 winter squash                                               1 winter squash

             2 bags salad greens                                         1 bag salad greens

             1 head lettuce                                                 1 head lettuce

             1 bunch kale                                                   1 bunch kale   

Posted 10/10/2015 4:56am by Andre Cantelmo.

   We had a great week of harvest on the farm. Winter squash, peppers and onions are all out of the ground and at least in temporary storage. Sunday morning has the potential for a frost that would potentially damage those crops if left in the field. It was a great team effort to bring all that food in and we continued that effort today in planting lettuce and kale into a late tunnel. With a little help from the weather, we'll be enjoying those crops in November and December.     

   The problem with some of our storage crops is that they are hardly mature before the summer CSA ends. Due to the drought our brussels sprouts are still small. We're hopeful that the sprouts will size this month, but they may not be available until early November. We did begin digging sweet potatoes today and we will have a reasonable harvest. Technically, sweet potatoes need curing in the warm temperatures of a greenhouse before their flavor and sugar develop. This would make them unavailable until after the summer CSA season is over. We will do a taste test next week and if they are tasty, we'll put them in the last share. All the more reason to join our winter CSA and enjoy the harvests yet to come!


This week's share:

                    Full Share                                      Half Share

                  2 lbs potatoes                                   1 lb potatoes

                  2 lbs carrots                                     1 lb carrots

                  4 onions                                           2 onions

                  1 lb green beans                               1/2 lb green beans

                  3 sweet peppers                               2 sweet peppers

                  2 bags salad greens                          1 bag salad greens

                  6 apples                                           3 apples

                  2 winter squash                                 1 winter squash

                  1 bunch kale                                     1 bunch kale

                  1 eggplant (last of the season, enjoy!) 1 eggplant

                  4 ears corn (depends on the frost!)      2 ears corn

Posted 10/3/2015 4:19am by Andre Cantelmo.

  What change it has been to have mud on the farm rather than dust! For the first time in over three months we aren't worried about irrigation. We received 3.5 inches of rain on Wednesday and it felt wonderful. This rain will be vital in ripening some of our fall crops where water was no longer available for irrigation.

  The welcome rain this week takes the sting out of our losses to frost last Sunday morning. In my previous 14 years on the farm the earliest recorded frost was on October 5th. This year's on September 27th is more than a week earlier than that date, and in recent years frosts have come after the 20th of October so it was quite a surprise. Not all tender crops were affected, but the cucumbers were severely damaged and won't yield much more. Zucchini and summer squash were damaged. We lost a bean planting, although others remain. A sweet corn planting next to those beans was also ruined. I'm just glad we didn't lose more!

  As promised, winter squash appear in your shares this week. Butternut and Kabocha will be available for certain and possibly Delicata and Acorn. While the tomatoes survived the frost, this weather does nothing good for their happiness. We'll see how they look next week.

  Now is the time to sign up for the winter CSA. We're beginning to bring in some beautiful storage crops and our greens are looking great. Good food to keep you warm on those cold winter days.

    Enjoy,  Greg

This week's share:

                         Full Share                                              Half Share

                 2 lbs potatoes                                                  1 lb potatoes

                 2 lbs carrots                                                    1 lb carrots

                 1 lb beans                                                       1/2 lb beans

                 4 onions                                                          2 onions

                 2 sweet peppers                                            1 sweet pepper

                 1 green pepper                                              1 green pepper

                 4 ears sweet corn                                          2 ears sweet corn

                 6 apples                                                        3 apples

                 2 winter squash                                              1 winter squash

                 2 bags salad greens                                        1 bag salad greens

                 1 bunch kale                                                  1 bunch kale

                 1 eggplant                                                     1 eggplant

Posted 9/26/2015 5:53pm by Andre Cantelmo.

This week's share:

                    Full Share                                                 Half Share

                2 tomatoes                                                  1 tomato

                4 ears sweet corn                                       2 ears sweet corn

                2 lbs potatoes                                             1 lb potatoes

                2 lbs carrots                                               1 lb carrots

                1 lb beets                                                  1/2  beets

                1 lb green beans                                        1/2 lb green beans

                2 bags salad greens                                   1 bag salad greens

                6 apples                                                    3 apples

                3 onions                                                    2 onions

                2 sweet peppers                                        1 sweet pepper

                1 green pepper                                         1 green pepper

Posted 9/19/2015 4:39pm by Andre Cantelmo.

      More sun. More heat. The calendar says mid September, but it has hardly felt like it. Word is that weather next week will cool off dramatically. Some rain would be nice along with the temperature change. Probably wishful thinking, but we can always hope.

    Around the farm we are of course attending to many irrigation projects, but also a little planting, cultivation and gearing up for our fall storage harvests. All of our onions are ready to come in and be cured for storage. Same goes for winter squash (butternut, kabocha, delicata & acorn) and with any luck, sweet potatoes won't be far behind. You'll see squash in your shares at the beginning of next month as they need curing time to bring on their sugars. We certainly have the best looking sweet potato plants we've ever had on the farm, but we don't yet know what the crop looks like. 

    We hope that you'll consider joining us for the winter CSA. As in the past, we have many different storage crops but also greens throughout the winter. We also include apples for most if not all of the season. It's a great share for good food to enjoy during the cold weather.

    Enjoy,  Greg

This week's share:

                    Full Share                                                 Half Share

           2 bags salad greens                                        1 bag salad greens

           2 sweet peppers                                              1 sweet pepper

           2 green pepper                                               1 green pepper

           2 lbs carrots                                                    1 lb carrots

           2 lbs potatoes                                                 1 lb potatoes

           3 onions                                                          2 onions

           1 lb beans                                                       1/2 lb beans

           1 eggplant                                                       1 eggplant

           6 ears sweet corn                                            3 ears sweet corn

           4 apples                                                          2 apples

           1 tomato                                                          1 tomato


Posted 9/12/2015 4:05am by Andre Cantelmo.


   That was quite a heat wave we had this week! While uncomfortable, it probably contributed to the number of sweet peppers in the share this week and the reappearance of beans. The tomatoes are ripening here and there, but despite the heat they haven't really started ripening en mass yet. Hopefully the eighty degree days coming up this next week will do the trick.

   We have some very nice carrots this week and should continue to going forward. Green beans also look great for several weeks to come. You may find some hot peppers available in the shares this week, but at press time I hadn't yet counted to make sure we had enough. If so, there will be a selection of jalapeno, poblano, chilis and cherry.

  Enjoy,    Greg

This week's share:

                    Full Share                                         Half Share

           4 ears sweet corn                                    2 ears sweet corn

           2 lbs potatoes                                        1 lb potatoes

           2 lbs carrots                                           1 lb carrots

           3 cucumbers                                           2 cucumbers

           2 sweet peppers                                     1 sweet pepper

           2 green peppers                                     1 green pepper

           2 lbs green beans                                   1 lb green beans

           1 bag salad greens                                 1 bag salad greens

           3 onions                                                 2 onions

            1 bunch of kale                                      1 bunch of kale

            4 apples                                                2 apples

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