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Posted 9/19/2015 4:39pm by Andre Cantelmo.

      More sun. More heat. The calendar says mid September, but it has hardly felt like it. Word is that weather next week will cool off dramatically. Some rain would be nice along with the temperature change. Probably wishful thinking, but we can always hope.

    Around the farm we are of course attending to many irrigation projects, but also a little planting, cultivation and gearing up for our fall storage harvests. All of our onions are ready to come in and be cured for storage. Same goes for winter squash (butternut, kabocha, delicata & acorn) and with any luck, sweet potatoes won't be far behind. You'll see squash in your shares at the beginning of next month as they need curing time to bring on their sugars. We certainly have the best looking sweet potato plants we've ever had on the farm, but we don't yet know what the crop looks like. 

    We hope that you'll consider joining us for the winter CSA. As in the past, we have many different storage crops but also greens throughout the winter. We also include apples for most if not all of the season. It's a great share for good food to enjoy during the cold weather.

    Enjoy,  Greg

This week's share:

                    Full Share                                                 Half Share

           2 bags salad greens                                        1 bag salad greens

           2 sweet peppers                                              1 sweet pepper

           2 green pepper                                               1 green pepper

           2 lbs carrots                                                    1 lb carrots

           2 lbs potatoes                                                 1 lb potatoes

           3 onions                                                          2 onions

           1 lb beans                                                       1/2 lb beans

           1 eggplant                                                       1 eggplant

           6 ears sweet corn                                            3 ears sweet corn

           4 apples                                                          2 apples

           1 tomato                                                          1 tomato


Posted 9/12/2015 4:05am by Andre Cantelmo.


   That was quite a heat wave we had this week! While uncomfortable, it probably contributed to the number of sweet peppers in the share this week and the reappearance of beans. The tomatoes are ripening here and there, but despite the heat they haven't really started ripening en mass yet. Hopefully the eighty degree days coming up this next week will do the trick.

   We have some very nice carrots this week and should continue to going forward. Green beans also look great for several weeks to come. You may find some hot peppers available in the shares this week, but at press time I hadn't yet counted to make sure we had enough. If so, there will be a selection of jalapeno, poblano, chilis and cherry.

  Enjoy,    Greg

This week's share:

                    Full Share                                         Half Share

           4 ears sweet corn                                    2 ears sweet corn

           2 lbs potatoes                                        1 lb potatoes

           2 lbs carrots                                           1 lb carrots

           3 cucumbers                                           2 cucumbers

           2 sweet peppers                                     1 sweet pepper

           2 green peppers                                     1 green pepper

           2 lbs green beans                                   1 lb green beans

           1 bag salad greens                                 1 bag salad greens

           3 onions                                                 2 onions

            1 bunch of kale                                      1 bunch of kale

            4 apples                                                2 apples

Posted 9/5/2015 8:43pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   No tomatoes this week. Oddly enough, this is the first share of the season without tomatoes. Our late field planting is coming along nicely and tomatoes will return soon. Not quite as much corn in the share this week, but if you are all corned out, it can be easily cut off the cob and frozen for winter use.


This week's share:

               Full Share                                               Half Share

     8 ears sweet corn                                             4 ears sweet corn

     2 lbs potatoes                                                 1 lb potatoes

     1 lb carrots                                                      1/2 lb carrots

     2 cucumbers                                                   1 cucumber

     3 onions                                                          2 onions

     2 green peppers                                              1 green pepper

     2 sweet peppers                                              1 sweet pepper

     1 eggplant                                                      1 eggplant

     1 lb beets                                                       1/2 lb beets

     1 bag salad greens                                          1 bag salad greens

     1 bunch kale

Posted 8/31/2015 4:57am by Greg Balog.

 Position: Full-time Field Crew (2)

Start Date: Immediately through early November Duties include: harvesting and washing of vegetables; hand weeding and transplanting. Candidates must be able to repeatedly lift crates of veggies weighing as much as 50 lbs. We look for applicants who can work well with others even under adverse weather conditions.

Pay: $9.50 to $11 an hour (based upon experience).

Benefits: fresh air, sunshine and lots of free veggies.

   We strive to create a fun and supported work environment while working at an efficient pace to get the job done. We all take pride in our work and give 110% to meet our goals each week. We are seeking like minded people who can work well with others as well as be self-directed, quick learners, have a positive attitude, love to be outside and are passionate about local food!!

Please send all inquiries by e-mail to

Posted 8/28/2015 7:19pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   We've got corn this week folks. Sometimes when you have corn you have a whole lot of it! Heirloom yields have fallen to almost none, but the next planting is coming on strong and hopefully the upcoming heat will bring us some tasty antique treats in the middle of next month. Red tomatoes are still producing. Peppers and eggplant looking good.

  Beans can only tolerate so many weeds before they refuse to cooperate. The beans planned for this week and next have staged a work stoppage. We'll try and prevail upon their neighbors to be more cooperative in the near future. Our fall crops look very solid and already we are beginning to consider their harvest. We'll keep you posted.

    Eat well and enjoy your veggies!     Greg

This weeks' share:

                Full Share                                          Half Share

        12 ears sweet corn                                    6 ears sweet corn

        3 tomatoes                                               2 tomatoes

        3 onions                                                   2 onions

        3 cucumbers                                             2 cucumbers

        1 lb carrots                                              1/2 lb carrots

        2 lbs potatoes                                          1 lb potatoes

        2 green peppers                                       1 green pepper

        1 sweet pepper                                         1 sweet pepper

        1 eggplant                                               1 eggplant

        1 bag salad greens                                   1 bag salad greens

        1 bunch kale                                            1 bunch kale

        4 Brookdale Farm peaches                         2 Brookdale Farm peaches


Posted 8/26/2015 6:18am by Andre Cantelmo.

Dear Friends of the Farm,  

It’s hard to believe, unspeakable, banish the thought, but still it’s true, winter is coming.  How about this, it’s not so much that winter is coming as it is that hearty roasting vegetables are coming, warm meals that fill the house with good smells are coming, woodstoves and warm cider, pie pumpkins, soups that heal and comfort are coming.  Think sautéed greens with grated Parmesan melting on top, mashed potatoes, a medley of roasted parsnips beets and carrots so sweet they’ve practically caramelized.  Spinach or arugula salads toped with watermelon radish disks keeping the hope and promise of summer ever present.  Okay, I feel better now. We can do this, another winter is approaching and this will help:  

Registration for Heron Pond Farm Winter CSA is now OPEN!  click on CSA in the top row then CSA sign up You can register on line, at the farm stand or at one of our farmer’s market booths.  

Please join us this winter and experience what eating seasonally and locally is all about. New England has so much more to offer than our favorite corn and tomatoes. This land provides us with amazing flavors even in the snow-covered months.  

Four-season farming has been so important to our farm, allowing us to retain our amazing staff by offering year round work  and keeps the momentum of the farm moving. We were always working in the winters, moving snow, fixing all the stuff that broke during the summer season. Now with the winter CSA we have good food and cash flow to go along with that work and we thank you! We think and hope you are getting something out of this too, being a part of making our farm successful means there is a farm here, keeping land open and green, not to mention the delicious local food year round and at a discount.  

Thanks, All of us here at Heron Pond Farm      

Posted 8/22/2015 7:35pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Folks, that was some serious heat we had. Despite last week's rain, it was looking mighty desert-like around here by the middle of the week. Friday's rain was very timely and so satisfying. I'm not normally one for dancing in the rain but I was tempted yesterday. Some regular rainfall from here on out would make our lives a lot easier.

  Our second planting of carrots has now started to yield some roots and so you'll find those in your shares. You might remember that deer ate the first planting. I can assure you that I haven't forgotten! Heirloom tomato production has taken a dramatic dip but we do still have tomatoes. Sweet peppers and eggplant are trickling in. Corn should be abundant for at least two weeks and the plantings look good for the rest of the season.

  Eat well and see you around the farm,    Greg

This weeks share:

                  Full Share                                           Half Share

             6 tomatoes                                           4 tomatoes

             8 ears sweet corn                                   4 ears sweet corn

             1 bag salad greens                                1 bag salad greens

             1 lb carrots                                            1/2 lb carrots

             1 lb potatoes                                      1 lb potatoes OR 1 lb beets

             1 lb beets                                            1 sweet pepper

             1 sweet pepper                                     1 onion

             2 onions                                              2 cucumbers

             3 cucumbers                                         1 zucchini or summer squash

             2 zucchini or summer squash                 2 peaches

             4 peaches

             1 asian eggplant

Posted 8/15/2015 3:53pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Tuesday's rain was much appreciated around the farm. While it wasn't enough to stop the irrigation train, it did help quench the thirst of crops otherwise left waiting at the station. The oncoming heat will keep us hopping around here moving water from point a to point b. We are coming into another good stand of salad greens that should carry us for a while. The sweet corn supply is lighter right now because this planting germinated very erratically during our late spring drought. Some ears are ready right now while their neighbors might be two or three weeks away. It's likely that next week's share will have considerably more corn as two plantings come in together.

  Enjoy your weekend and the veggies!    Greg


This weeks share:

                  Full Share                                             Half Share

               6 tomatoes                                             4 tomatoes

               4 ears sweet corn                                  2 ears sweet corn

               1 lb potatoes                                         1 lb potatoes

               1 lb green beans                                    1/2 lb green beans

               1 lb beets                                              1/2 lb beets

               2 onions                                                1 onion

               2 green peppers                                    1 green pepper

               2 zucchini/summer squash                   1 zucchini/ summer squash

               3 cucumbers                                         2 cucumber

               2 bags salad greens                              1 bag salad greens

               1 sweet pepper

               1 head lettuce


Posted 8/8/2015 7:52pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    A brief message from a tired farmer:

    Veggies look good. Deer appear to have returned to their woodland diet. Very dry out there and lots of irrigation to attend. Let's hope for rain on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Peaches are in from Brookdale Farm in Hollis, NH. Don't have a sense yet of how good the peach season will be this year but word is that the apple crop is one for the record books. We'll have plenty at the stand and in the shares come late summer and fall.

   Winter CSA sign up coming soon, look for an email in the near future.

   Enjoy your veggies and this beautiful weather!    Greg

This weeks share:

                         Full Share                                         Half Share

             6 tomatoes                                               4 tomatoes

             6 ears sweet corn                                      3 ears sweet corn

             2 cucumbers                                              1 cucumber

             2 zucchini/summer squash                         1 zucchini / summer squash

             1 green pepper                                          1 green pepper

             1 lb green beans                                     1/2 lb green beans

             2 onions                                                   1 onion

             1 lb beets                                             1 lb beets OR 1 lb potatoes

             1 lb potatoes                                           1 bag salad greens

             1 bag salad greens                                   2 peaches

             4 peaches

Posted 8/1/2015 8:50pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   While it hasn't exactly been comfortable, this heat wave is helping many crops to grow quickly. Our winter and summer squash plantings needed a heat boost and last week provided that in abundance. Beans make their first appearance in the share thanks also to the heat. In addition to bringing on all these veggies, the heat will allow us to enjoy the cool fall temperatures that aren't that far away!

  While much effort is devoted to harvest at this time of year, we are also working hard on irrigation. Very little measurable rain has fallen here in the last month and the soil is very dry. Many of the crops being watered right now are those that will end up in the winter share. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, winter squash, carrots and celeriac are all coming along and in need of regular water. We'll keep it coming!

   Enjoy the weather and the veggies,    Greg


This weeks share:

                      Full Share                                         Half Share

          6 tomatoes                                                 4 tomatoes

          6 ears sweet corn                                         3 ears sweet corn

          1 lb green beans                                         1/2 lb green beans

          2 onions                                                     1 onion

          1 green pepper                                            1 green pepper

          2 lbs potatoes                                             1 lb potatoes

          2 zucchini/summer squash                           1 zucchini or summer squash

          1 cucumber                                                 1 cucumber

          1 head romaine lettuce                                1 head romaine lettuce

          1 bunch of beets                                         1 bag basil

          1 bag basil