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Posted 8/15/2010 4:55pm by Andre Cantelmo.
I hate to sound like a broken record, but could we please have some rain!!! We spend almost as much time irrigating as harvesting. At this point there just isn't any water in the soil profile that we haven't put there. Over the last 10 weeks we have received only 6 inches of rain. We have gotten water to half of the potatoes and will water the rest this week with a repaired pump. The beets and bok choi are finally coming back on and will stay with the share. Green beans are looking very good and will be back in the share next week or the week after to remain the rest of the season.  Enjoy, Greg  

      Full Share                                       Half Share
1 pt cherry tomatoes                          1 pt cherry tomatoes
4 tomatoes                                         1 tomato
4 peaches                                            2 peaches
2 slicers or 4 pickles                            1 slicer or 2 pickles
2 zucchini or ss                                   1 zucchini or ss
2 eggplant                                          1 eggplant
6 ears sweet corn                               3 ears sweet corn
4 onions                                              2 onions
1 head garlic                                       1 head garlic

Both Shares: 1 choice of beet greens, bok choi or kohlrabi
Posted 8/10/2010 11:21am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello Heron Pond Farmers

Well the fight to get through this summer has not stopped us from thinking about the winter. Believe it or not some of our planing for winter had to begin last winter with the planting of our onion and shallot seed. All of us here at the farm were thinking of winter as we waited long and hard for the rain to come and put some size on our potatoes. As you may know Farmers Ben and Pete have worked hard getting water to those fields. While we may get a lull in our summer potato crop, it is nice to know they now have the water to size up for winter.

Many improvements have been made to last years winter CSA. But we still have some fine tuning to do before we can start registration. Please take the time to respond to this survey, even if you will not be with us this winter. It is just ten questions (two if you will not be in the winter CSA), but your responses really do help us make a better program for our growing community. Remember that this is your farm too. We need to know what the community would like us to do.

There will be 200 shares offered for the winter. Only full shares will be available. As with last year we will have a buddy board so you can split a share with someone near you if you like. Those in the summer CSA will have first shot at the winter shares, followed by those who were with us last winter. If you winter with another CSA (as is the case with many Wolf Piners) you will still have first shot at summer shares with us next year. We will open up the winter program to the general public if shares are still available about the first week of September.

We have increased the greenhouse and over wintering space for fresh greens this year. This fall we will be installing a field house to get those early spring greens. Our garlic and onion plantings are four times what they were last year. Much more choice and quantity with the winter squash this year. Last year we lost our Brussels sprouts to the rains. This year we have had good luck and gotten plenty of water to them. The problems with wood chucks in our fall brassicas has been solved so there will be a bunch for both winter and late summer folks to get plenty. As with all CSA's some stuff will work out some of it won't. Talk with other community members about the job we do and get involved with making decisions on your farm.

As soon as we get the surveys back we will send out our best guess as to what will be in the winter share, along with a way for you to register online, price, and pick up dates. Thank you all for your feedback that has gotten us this far. All the support that the community has given us has made us a better farm each year.

Here is to eating well all winter!


Posted 8/8/2010 10:44am by Andre Cantelmo.
Well, Thursday's storm cut down on the dust but .4 inches only goes so far! Farmers Ben and Pete spent the entire week moving aluminum irrigation pipe from one field to the next. We have to water just to get seed to germinate. Drip irrigated crops are doing well, but overhead irrigation is time consuming and with virtually no water in the soil profile has to be done often. Last night we did finally get some water on the potatoes. Both sweet corn and potatoes are amazing in their ability to survive with very little water. However, surviving and producing are very different things.
This week's share brings peaches from our friends Chuck and Diane Souther at Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH! For those interested in tomatillos, they are beginning to trickle in and may find their way onto the share by next week. We should be back into beans and greens later in the month and then right until the end of the season. We have lots of delicious cherry tomatoes at the stand. You can take a pint in place of two tomatoes if you prefer. We also have heirloom tomatoes available. Don't forget to check out our expanded selection of baked goods.

        Full Share                                          Half Share
6 tomatoes                                            3 tomatoes
2 zucchini or summer squash                    1 zucchini or ss
2 slicers or 4 pickles                               1 slicer or 2 pickles
4 onions                                                2 onions
4 peaches                                              2 peaches
2 eggplant                                             1 eggplant
2 lbs new potatoes                                 1 lb potatoes
1 head garlic                                          1 head garlic
6 ears sweet corn                                  3 ears sweet corn

Enjoy, Greg

Posted 8/2/2010 9:09pm by Andre Cantelmo.
Sorry for the delay in the newsletter this week. Andre and I got to sneak away this weekend with our families to attend the wedding of some wonderful friends! I'm up past my farmer bedtime so I'll make this short. No greens in the share this week, too much dry, hot weather but we're working hard to get them back into production. We've spending time maintaining our summer plantings and getting the fall/winter plantings on a roll! I may have finally won the battle for the broccoli against the woodchucks. Time will tell! Field Tomatoes!

        Full Share                                        Half Share
5 tomatoes                                           2 tomatoes
2 zucchini or SS                                     1 zucchini or ss
2 slicers or 4 pickles                              1 slicer or 2 pickles
2 lbs onions                                          1 lb onions
2 lbs new potatoes                                1 lb new potatoes
2 eggplant                                            1 eggplant
1 pepper                                               1 pepper
1 garlic                                                 1 garlic
6 ears sweet corn                                  3 ears sweet corn

           Enjoy,  Greg
Posted 7/25/2010 10:09am by Andre Cantelmo.
Our hot summer continues, and the summer crops are responding! Still not enough rain, but the heat has its advantages. Blueberries are in this weeks share but they are winding down. If you chose to pick your own, its time to get to the farm before the season is past. Yesterday we got our first significant harvest of field tomatoes, with many more to come. The corn is beautiful and delicious, with many good plantings ahead of us. Fall crops are growing well although we'll be busy irrigating them this week. We are short on minor crops this week so only one choice per share. We're doing our best to push along summer plantings of lettuce, greens, carrots and beets. Our last corn and carrot seedings are happening right now with the final bean, zucchini, summer squash, cucumber and broccoli plantings soon to follow.
Here are the share lists.

        Full                                                    Half
3 tomatoes                                           1 tomato
2 zucchini or SS                                     1 zucchini or ss
2 slicers or 4 pickles                               1 slicer or 2 pickles
1 pt blueberries or 1 qt pyo                   1/2 pt bb or 1 pt pyo
3 onions                                                1 onion
1 head garlic                                          1 head garlic
2 eggplant                                             1 eggplant
1 pepper                                                1 pepper
1.5 lbs new potatoes                               1 lb new potatoes
12 ears sweet corn                                6 ears sweet corn
1 choice                                                 1 choice

Choose from: kohlrabi, beets, cabbage, raddichio, escarole, napa cabbage

Enjoy, Greg
Posted 7/18/2010 10:21am by Andre Cantelmo.
This weather has been something; heat, heat and more heat! In the last week we have received 1.85 inches of rain, which is enough to help the crops grow some without irrigation, but not enough to make up for what we have missed out on. Most of the corn has rebounded and the corn that cannot be irrigated should mature fine. We seem to be in a little bit of a rain shadow around here, because many other parts of the region received quite a bit more rain than us as of late.
New potatoes are in the share this week, but not many. We have to go a long way down the row for these goodies, so there quantities are limited at first. If you haven't had a new potatoe before, you are in for a treat. It is nothing like a mature potato and does not require as much cooking. Right now some more rain would help the potatoes mature. Our early planting for new potatoes will last for a week, but after that we will rely on our main crop for more new potatoes. Significant rain would help!

For those who pick up on Sunday or Monday and did not receive corn last week you may take that corn at any time as a credit. I don't imagine that many of you with a full share will be able to use 18 ears of corn this week!

This week's share:

                    Full Share                           Half Share
2 tomatoes                                         1 tomato
2 slicers or 4 pickles                         1 slicer or 2 pickles
1.5 lbs beans                                      .75 lbs beans
4 carrots                                             2 carrots
2 sweet onions                                    1 sweet onion or 1 garlic
1 garlic                                               6 ears of corn
1 lettuce                                             1/2pt blueberries or pt pyo
1 pt BB or 1 qt pyo                           1 bell pepper or 1 eggplant
12 ears corn                                     1/2 lb new potatoes
1 bell pepper                                   
1 eggplant
1lb new potatoes
2 choices                                           1 choice

Choose from: Kohlrabi,chard,beets,radicchio, escarole, napa cabbage

Enjoy! Greg
Posted 7/11/2010 8:49am by Andre Cantelmo.
The heat and lack of rain are truly making farming difficult now. Moving irrigation pipe and turning pumps on and off (mostly on!) occupies much of our time. We are about to irrigate fields which we have never done before and not a moment too soon. The heat has pushed many crops along. Peppers, eggplant and corn have started to trickle in, corn being hurt however by the lack of rain.

            Full Share                                 Half Share
1 head lettuce                                     1 head lettuce
2 cukes or 4 pickles                            1 cuke or 2 pickles
2 zucchini or summer squash           1 zucchini or summer squash
1 tomato                                             1 tomato
4 carrots                                              2 carrots
1 pint blueberries or 1 qt PYO          1 pt BB or 1 qt PYO
1 lb green or wax beans                  1/2 lb green or wax beans
1 head garlic                                        1 head garlic
2 choices                                              1 choice
Choose from: kohlrabi, napa cabbage, chard, kale, scallions, raddichio

Posted 6/20/2010 10:42am by Andre Cantelmo.
This week's share may seem remarkably similar to last weeks', but the weather of late will change the scene very soon. Zucchini and summer squash will just miss making it onto this weeks list but will certainly be in the following week. New potatoes and cucumbers are coming on fast and green beans will be earlier than in recent years. The heat has and will stress some crops but we are working hard to get irrigation into place. Planting continues as always and we've been busy preparing more fields everyday.
While we farmers are busy growing food, the deer flies and mosquitos have been pursuing us with a vengence! Woodchucks seem to be having a good year at our expense, although we are hot on their trail! Andre has completed our first ever dry bean planting and the hot weather has probably already germinated the crop. We'll see what the crop looks like in the fall. Dave has been busy sowing cover crops onto fields not destined to produce veggies this year. Ben has been the master of irrigation this season and freed me up to keep weeds under control and rest an aching back (chiropractor fixed me up good!). Lis has kept the tomato greenhouses in order and jumped into the field prep process so there are times when four tractors are going at once!

Well there is the report from the field and now for this week's share.

               Full Share                                 Half Share
2 tomatoes                                    1 tomato
1 box sugarsnaps or 1lb shell peas    1 box sugarsnaps or 1lb peas
1 bunch beets                                 1 bunch beets
2 heads lettuce                               1 head lettuce
1 bunch scapes or scallions               1 bunch scapes or scallions
Choice of 2                                     Choice of 1

                                 Bok Choi
                             Chinese Cabbage

Folks, these choices depend upon availability and the previous popularity of each item. At times the choice you would like won't be available. We try our best to match the harvest to your preferences, but to harvest enough of everything so that every option would be available to every shareholder would result in much waste. Thanks for your understanding.

Enjoy,  Greg

Posted 6/13/2010 7:01am by Andre Cantelmo.
Well sadly our strawberries have come and gone all too quickly. The unusual spring warmth brought them on early but also ended harvest as early as we might sometimes begin harvesting in other years. We have begun harvesting sugarsnap peas that you will find in your shares this week. One of the choices this week will be kohlrabi. For those who had kohlrabi in our winter share, this spring kohlrabi tastes a little different, somewhere between the winter sweetness and a mild turnip.
Crops are growing well, as are the weeds! As we continue to plant in earnest, we are also cultivating and setting up irrigation. The rain of late has been far from adequate for good growth. The blueberries appear to be ahead of normal and there should be zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers by the end of June or first week of July. Enjoy this weeks share:

      Full Share                                   Half Share

2 tomatoes                                   1 tomato
2 heads of lettuce                          1 head lettuce
1 bunch beets                               1 bunch beets
1 pint sugarsnap peas                     1 pt sugarsnap peas
1 bunch garlic scapes                     1 bunch garlic scapes
Choose 2 from list below            Choose 1 from list below

                              Bok Choi


Posted 6/6/2010 7:41am by Andre Cantelmo.
The share this week will begin to include some crops familiar to those who have been members in the past. With all of the warm weather and our irrigation work, crops are really growing well. We are a little behind on planting because of the time spent on irrigation, but should be able to catch up this week. For those who are considering changing their pickup day at the farmstand please do it this week so that we can finalize our pickup lists. Also, the farmstand will open at 10:00 for several more weeks before we move to 9:00 opening.

         Full Share                                  Half Share
1 quart of strawberries                    1 pint of strawberries
2 tomatoes                                    1 tomato
1 head lettuce or 1lb lettuce mix       half pound bag lettuce mix
(depending on availability)
1 bunch garlic scapes                      1 bunch garlic scapes
1 bunch scallions                            1 bunch scallions
1 bunch beet greens                        1 bunch beet greens
1 bunch turnips

Enjoy the taste of the season!  Greg
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