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Posted 9/11/2011 3:48am by Andre Cantelmo.
We hope you have seen the flyers at your CSA pick ups and at the farm stand, but in case you missed it, the First Heron Pond Farm tomato tasting is today from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

We hope to see you all there!
Posted 9/5/2011 4:58am by Andre Cantelmo.
     We came through the storm without much damage, many farmers to the west of us were not so lucky. We don't exactly farm in beautiful river bottom soil, the flip side being that the river can't come and take it all away. Our biggest problem from the storm is corn that is laying on the ground instead of straight up. This will make for slower harvesting, but should not affect the crop itself.
     Speaking of corn, this week's share doesn't have any because of a very weedy and sparse planting. The porcupines and skunks haven't helped either, they love corn too and help themselves to it right off the stalk! The rest of our corn plantings this year look very good. Fall greens, broccoli and cauliflower are all growing well and we should see these crops beginning in mid September. Our green bean plantings are in fine shape but we are in between plantings right now and it would be a stretch to provide everyone with beans this week.
    For all you brussel sprout lovers out there, I can't give you a harvest date, but the crop looks fantastic!

         Full Share                                Half Share
     6 tomatoes                                    3 tomatoes
     2 lbs potatoes                               1 lb potatoes
     4 cucumbers                                   2 cucumbers
     2 zucchini or squash                     1 zucchini or squash
     2 eggplant                                      1 eggplant
     2 onions                                          1 onion
     4 peaches or apples                      2 peaches or apples
     1 garlic                                          1 garlic
     1 bunch chard                                  1 bunch chard
Posted 9/2/2011 7:00am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello Heron Pond Farmers


The 2011-12 Winter CSA registration is here! We have kept the share price to $500, the same as last year. As with last year we only offer full shares in the winter. Summer CSA members will have one week to register then we will open it up to the public. There are 200 winter shares available and 400 summer members. So we will fill up fast. Take a look at what we had in the 2009-2010 share. I will post what was in last years share soon, but it was quite an upgrade from the year before. We all had a lot of fun putting it together and of course eating all the great food.


The number of greenhouses on Heron Pond Farm allows us to offer 200 winter shares. We only offer full shares because of the nature of the food we put in the share and breaking it down is hard for us. Folks wanting to get a half share have split it with someone else looking for a half share. When members do this they are responsible for splitting the share. The best way to do this is to have one person pick up and do the splitting. Many members have done this and had a blast sharing with others. We normally post a board at each site with folks looking for a partner to split a share. Look at the board, or sign up on it to get involved with splitting a share.


This years winter program will pick up right where the summer left off so there will be no gap in your access to local food. Farm stand pick ups are weekends only during. Dover and Portsmouth locations have the same pick up days. Use this link to Register Now!


Looking forward to a great winter with you!






Posted 8/29/2011 4:54am by Andre Cantelmo.
The storm has cleared and the last I checked the greenhouses were still intact. Some of the corn has blown over and I'm sure we'll find some other damage, but it could have been worse. Hope that all of you came through the storm dry and with power.  Greg

            Full Share                                      Half Share
       5 tomatoes                                         2 tomatoes
       2 cucumbers                                        1 cucumber
       2 zucchini or squash                            1 zucchini or squash
       4 ears sweet corn                                2 ears sweet corn
       2 lbs potatoes                                    1 lb potatoes
       4 peaches                                          2 peaches
       2 onions                                            1 onion
       2 eggplant                                         1 eggplant
       1 garlic                                              1 garlic
      1/2 lb beans                                      1/2 lb beans
Posted 8/26/2011 9:08pm by Andre Cantelmo.
Irene is on her way! We don't know exactly how bad it will be, but we have decided to close the farmstand on Sunday. For those of you with Sunday pickups, you may come any other day of the week to the stand to pick up your share. If you are unable to make it during our normal hours of 9-6, please contact us and we will make arrangements to get your share to you.    
    We don't have an exact share list at this time and quite frankly it has been a long day and I'd like to get some sleep. Will send out the list either tommorrow night or Sunday morning (before the power goes out!).  Stay dry and safe!

Posted 8/21/2011 1:44pm by Andre Cantelmo.
        The melons are in! We have cantaloupe and and asian melon called Sun Jewell that resembles honeydew inside. How do we know the melons are ripe? The ease with which they come off the vine lets us know when they are ready. We may also have some watermelon available later in the week. Also new to the share this week are edamame soybeans. You will receive them on the plant. They can be shelled and eaten raw or cooked lightly. Chard is back in the share because we should all eat our greens!
        We are still planting for the fall and overwinter. Recently trasplanted or seeded crops include turnips, spinach, kale, arugula, and rutabagas. Most crops are growing well, with bountiful rainfall and sun. Cover crops are being seeded where early crops have been harvested.

cherry tomatoes are available you may substitute one pint for two tomatoes of your share.
          Full Share                                           Half Share
       4 tomatoes                                    2 tomatoes
       4 ears sweet corn                         2 ears sweet corn
       2 cucumbers                                  1 cucumber
      2 zucchini or squash                      1 zucchini or squash
       2 lbs potatoes                              1 lb potatoes
       2 eggplant                                     1 eggplant
       1 bunch of edamame                     1 bunch edamame
      1 bunch chard                               1 bunch chard
      2 onions                                     1 onion or 1 garlic
      1 garlic                                          1 melon
      1 melon                                        2 peaches
      4 peaches

Posted 8/14/2011 6:05pm by Andre Cantelmo.
        The peaches are in! Chuck and Diane Souther at Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH harvested their first peaches of the season a few days ago. They are juicy and delicious. Lettuce has returned to the harvest list. Some of our weather as of late has been unusually hospitable to this cool season crop. We're not complaining, it's been great to have some rain. It has left a few of us feeling a little aimless without the constant need to irrigate. I'm sure that the weeds germinating now will give us new purpose!


            Full Share                             Half Share
           2 tomatoes                                1 tomato
          8 ears sweet corn                     4 ears sweet corn
          4 peaches                                  2 peaches
          1 lb beans                                 1/2 lb beans
          1 lb potatoes                             1/2 lb potatoes
         4 cucumbers                               2 cucumbers
        2 zucchini or squash                  1 zucchini or squash
         2 eggplant                                 1 eggplant
         1 pepper                                    1 pepper
         2 onions                                  1 onion or 1 garlic
         1 garlic                                    1 head lettuce
         1 head lettuce                    
Posted 8/7/2011 8:36pm by Andre Cantelmo.
    Well, here we are in the thick of the summer. The heat and dryness have taken their toll on some of the leafy crops, but they will return. We do still have pyo blueberries for those interested, but the picking isn't good enough for our loyal picking crew to keep berries in the share. We are going to look at the melons this week and hope to have those in next week. We'll also check on the status of Apple Hill Farms' peaches for next week.
    As of this afternoon we had received almost 3/4 of an inch of rain, enough to relieve the stress on some crops. We are hopeful that the week will bring us some more rainfall and allow Ben, our irrigation maestro, to help with other projects. Lis and the transplanting crew have planted many of our fall crops recently and will hopefully finish this week. Dave will be busy this week preparing land for other fall crops. Richard has his hands full in the tomatoes and has scolded Andre and I for not paying enough attention to his beautiful heirloom tomato plants. We hope to remedy that situation this week and avoid further wrath!

              Full Share                                    Half Share

        2 tomatoes                                         1 tomato
      2 lbs potatoes                                     1 lb potatoes
      1 lb green beans                                  1/2 lb beans
      8 ears sweet corn                                 4 ears sweet corn
      4 zucchini or squash                             2 zucchini or squash
      4 cucumbers                                         2 cucumbers
      2 eggplant                                            1 eggplant
      1 pepper                                               1 pepper
      1 onion                                                1 onion or garlic
      1 head garlic
Posted 7/31/2011 10:08am by Andre Cantelmo.
    All of that uncomfortable heat paid off in the form of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. Cabbage has also made it to the share. We have more red than green right now, but either would be great shredded as a salad. This will likely be the last week for picked blueberries in the share. PYO will continue for several more weeks for those who deferred their picked berries. The sooner the better, but the diehards still find berries after Labor day! For full share folks, basil will be the most available herb, but some parsley will also find its way out of the field.
   We can't promise melons next week but they do seem to be ripening quickly. Our second melon planting went in two weeks ago and last weeks' heat has gotten it off to a great start. Andre believes that Apple Hill's peaches will be ready in two weeks. Here's to summer!    Greg

         Full Share                                       Half Share
      2 Tomatoes                                         1 Tomato
     2 lbs potatoes                                      1 lb potatoes
     6 ears sweet corn                                 3 ears sweet corn
     1 pt blueberries                                    1/2 pt blueberries
     1 lb beans                                           1/2 lb beans
     4 cucumbers                                         2 cucumbers
     4 zucchini or squash                             2 zucchini or squash
    1 head cabbage                                     1 head cabbage
    1 head garlic                                         1 head garlic
    1 green pepper                                      1 pepper or eggplant
    2 eggplant                      
    1 bunch basil
         (or parsley when available)
Posted 7/24/2011 8:21pm by Andre Cantelmo.
    Sweet corn is here at last! Green beans are in good supply and sweet onions are in the mix. The blueberry picking is great and if you would like to pick a quart yourself instead of receiving the already picked pint, just come to the farm during our regular hours. You can also save up your pyo quarts, but don't wait too long, the picking usually declines after August 15 or so. We have much more zucchini than summer squash, so at times there won't be a choice of the two.   Stay cool!        Greg

          Full Share                                Half Share
   2 lbs potatoes                                  1 lb potatoes
   1 lb green beans                              1/2 lb beans
   1 pt blueberries                               1/2 pt blueberries
   4 zucchini/ squash                           2 zucchini/squash
   4 cucumbers                                    2 cucumbers
   6 ears sweet corn                            3 ears sweet corn
   1 sweet onion                                 1 sweet onion or 1 garlic
   1 head garlic                                   1 bunch swiss chard
   1 bunch swiss chard                  
   1 bunch basil
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