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Posted 10/31/2011 6:42am by Andre Cantelmo.

  Wow, snow in October! The white stuff has really caused a mess this time. We got 4 to 5 inches here at the farm and as usual, the power went out. Electricity customers in this area should get a refund from Unitil for all the days we lose power in a year, generators are almost a necessity. Because our infrastructure is separated by a road, we need two generators to keep things going. One is working, the other decided this would be a good time to become defective. Hopefully we'll sort that problem out today. Worst case scenario is that your greens and potatoes might come with the soil this week!

  The immediate result of the snow for harvest is that the more tender leafed greens like arugula, yukina savoy, komatsuma, etc. will be unavailable for a few days. On Saturday, in addition to some last minute prep for the storm, we did some quick harvests to start us off this week until the snow melts (it will). Bottom line: we will be light on greens this week, but next week will likely be much better.

   Swiss chard was the green we managed to harvest before the snow began on Saturday and because it is taller, we should be able to get it all week. The brussels sprouts are ready and Andre and I made the first harvest on Saturday. There will be one pound of carrots in each share this week, there would be more if not for the snow. Winter/storage kohlrabi is also part of the share. For those not familiar with this crop, it is not like its spring/summer brother which is more turnip like. Winter kohlrabi is crisp, mild and slightly sweet, no turnip flavor here. Peel off the skin and eat it raw (great for a dip platter) or cook it up in a stir fry. I've been told that you can bake thin slices and make kohlrabi chips, but haven't tried it myself.

  Let us hope for a quick melt, we've got harvesting to do!  Greg

This weeks share:

1 lb carrots

2 lbs potatoes

6 apples

1 kohlrabi

2 stalks brussels sprouts

2 winter squash

3 onions

1 garlic

1 bunch swiss chard

Posted 10/23/2011 7:55pm by Andre Cantelmo.
   Good thing that it isn't winter yet, but it is time for the 'winter' share to begin. We are still VERY busy digging root crops to keep us all happily and healthily fed this winter. Right now we are in the thick of the potatoes, storing the taters before our new root cellar is even quite complete. After potatoes, we will harvest turnips, celeriac, carrots, kohlrabi, cabbage, rutabaga and brussel sprouts. It's going to get crowded in the cellar real quick!
   Right now we have many different greens available, but at this time we're offering those that won't hold up to the severe cold as well. Many of you love kale and it will return soon, but it is also among the hardiest of the outdoor greens. Broccoli and/or cauliflower should be available in next weeks' share. For those that know their potatoes, we should have some Nicola potatoes washed up by the weekend and fingerlings by the following weekend.
   Just a quick rundown of logistics for pickups: Dover's first pickup will be this Monday and Portsmouth on Wedensday, both from 3:00 to 6:00. First pickup at the farmstand will be Saturday or Sunday (your choice, we're there all weekend),October 29 & 30 from 9:00 to 5:00 each day.

           Enjoy, Greg

This weeks' share:
      4 ears sweet corn
      2 lbs potatoes
      2 winter squash
      6 apples
      3 onions
      1 head garlic
      1 bunch Hakurei turnips
      2 types of greens from the following list:
            Yukina Savoy
            Pink Lettuce Mustard
Posted 10/21/2011 11:37am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello Heron Pond Farm Folk


Just a quick note to clear up a misprint in regards to your first farm stand pick up. On the Web site we have listed as October 22 as the first farm stand pick up. Well that is the date for our last Summer CSA pick up as well. So let me take this opportunity to inform you all that the first Winter pick up will be the 29th. You will still get all your food and the same number of pick ups we are just moving it back a week to be in tune with the folks joining us from the Summer.


Sorry for the confusion. We are open this weekend. If you need anything pop in and be sure to use your 10% off discount. If you have any questions please do call me at 603-591-8720.


I would like to thank all the folks that pointed the misprint out to me. Thank you and see you next week!



Posted 10/17/2011 7:12am by Andre Cantelmo.
    Hard to believe that the summer CSA season has come to a close. We are always happy to reach this final distribution with some of the true summer veggies in the share, sweet corn and peppers being this years' offering. We have some new greens available this week. Tsoi sim is a flowering green somewhat similar to yukina savoy. All of it is edible, flower, stem and leaf. Komatsuma is a taller leafed green in the same family suitable for stir fries or steaming. Pink Lettuce Mustard is a mild mustard with a little spiceness that is also great for cooking. Note: We offer the greens as a choice, but if a particular green is very popular on a given day, we will run out. In this case you may not get exactly the greens that you want, but you will get greens.
    Thanks to all for a great season. We hope to see many of you this winter, but if not please join us next summer for what we hope will be an even better season. From all of us here at Heron Pond Farm thank you and enjoy the veggies!  
               Greg, Andre and the Heron Pond Farm staff

               Full Share                                Half Share
      6 ears sweet corn                            3 ears sweet corn
      2 lbs potatoes                                 1 lb potatoes
      2 winter squash                               1 winter squash
      4 apples                                         2 apples
      4 green peppers                               2 green peppers
      1 lb broccoli                                     1/2 lb broccoli
      2 onions                                          1onion
      1 head garlic                                   1 head garlic
      1 bunch Hakurei turnips
      3 greens choices                              2 greens choices

           Greens Choices:
Me Quing Choi (1/2lb)
                                  Arugula           (1/2lb)
                                  Tsoi Sim bunch
                                  Komatsuma bunch
                                  Pink Lettuce Mustard bunch
Posted 10/10/2011 6:26am by Andre Cantelmo.
    Well we missed a frost by the narrowest of margins the other day. The ground frost on Friday morning was significant, but didn't damage any of the tender crops. Sweet corn and peppers will be with us for another week or two, and possibly eggplant next week if the warm weather ripens some for us. The tomatoes have seen better days and the beans were devastated by the constant rain. We hope that broccoli/cauliflower will be back in the share next week. We had to take a break this week because even the cool weather crops won't grow without some sun!
   Our winter share begins near the end of the month and there is still time to sign up. We have a great crop of roots for the winter and the greens will be abundant! Enjoy, Greg.
          Full Share                                     Half Share
   6 ears sweet corn                           3 ears sweet corn
   2 winter squash                              1 winter squash
   2 sweet peppers                             1 sweet pepper
   4 green peppers                             2 green peppers
   4 apples                                          2 apples
   2 lbs potatoes                                 1 lb potatoes
   2 onions                                            1 onion
   1 bunch hakurei turnips                   1 bunch hakurei turnips
   1 head garlic                                  1 head garlic
   3 greens choices                             1 greens choice

  Choose from: Yukina Savoy (1/2lb), Me Quing Choi (1/2lb.), Broccoli Raab, Kale, Cabbage
Posted 9/25/2011 10:30am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello Heron Pond Farmers

You may have noticed some adds around that are the beginning of our open enrollment to the winter CSA program. We are about to begin our full court press to sell the last of the winter shares. Many of you have taken advantage of our preregistration that was only open to current CSA members. So many have done so that we are well past half way to our goal.

As we begin our drive for new members we do not want to forget those that have been supporting us all along. We all get caught up in the day to day of our lives and may not have noticed that the registration time for winter is happening. This is a reminder that there are still shares available to for our current membership. We have taken the time to create a frequently asked question page to get to the hart of some of the great questions we have received from you over the past two weeks. In addition we have revised the information concerning what you get in a winter share.

Hopefully we will be getting many knew families to join us. Many of you know some folks that have been waiting to get involved. This is a great time to let them know what Heron Pond Farm has meant to you and the great local food that you have been enjoying since getting involved. Joining our CSA helps keep farmland in the Seacoast area, provides a base for a local economy, and helps toward our goal of regional food sovereignty. Bet you didn't know you were doing all that—and the food is like no other to boot. So take the time to register today and get your friends in on the action too.

We would like to thank all of you that have been a part of the Heron Pond Farm CSA experience. It is very much a two way street. Our farm has been moved toward the CSA model that it effects every decision made. In return we hope that you have enjoyed being part of the local food community.


Posted 9/18/2011 8:06pm by Andre Cantelmo.
     Melons are back in the share this week! We've enjoyed delicious cantaloupe and watermelon at home this weekend. The sweet corn is still great and edamame is back again this week. Yukina savoy has also returned after a summer long absence. You can enjoy this asian green in a salad or cooked, but only to wilt.
    We just harvested a handful of broccoli crowns so hopefully the planting will be productive enough to get some into the share soon. Andre has been busy seeding the fall greens, radishes and salad turnips. Yukina savoy is the first of those to reach maturity and the turnips should follow soon. The summer crops will keep coming until the frost, although if the days grow too cool there may be less available. Winter squash is also nearing harvest (butternut, acorn, delicata and kabocha).
    The last week of the summer CSA will be October 16-22. Sign up is now open for the winter CSA which will begin in late October.

                 Full Share                             Half Share
          4 tomatoes                                 2 tomatoes
          4 cucumbers                                2 cucumbers
          6 ears sweet corn                      3 ears sweet corn
          2 lbs potatoes                           1 lb potatoes
          1 bunch edamame                    1 bunch edamame
          4 apples                                4 apples or 1 melon
          1 melon                                    1/2 lb yukina savoy
        1/2 lb yukina savoy                 1 green pepper
or 1 eggplant
         1 green pepper                          1 garlic or 1 onion
         1 eggplant
         1 head garlic
         1 onion
Posted 9/12/2011 7:14am by Andre Cantelmo.
   It is beginning to feel a little like autumn. The greens, turnips, broccoli and winter squash we associate with that season are coming soon. For now we are still in summer mode, although many of these summer veggies will be with us into October. Even now we are seeding and transplanting for the late fall and winter crops. We will begin harvesting our winter storage crops in early October, hopefully finishing well before the freeze!
  It was great to have many of you on the farm for the tomato tasting yesterday. Andre and Richard were excited to introduce you to many of the unusual varieties we had this year. Some of you may have noticed the ongoing construction of our new barn just beyond the farmstand. The previous barn had stood for nearly 160 years, but was no longer structurally viable. We'll soon have much more room for storing veggies to get us through the winter. We'll post pictures of the finished structure.

         Full Share                                     Half Share
      6 tomatoes                                      3 tomatoes
      4 ears sweet corn                            2 sweet corn
      4 cucumbers                                    2 cucumbers
      4 apples                                         2 apples
      2 lbs potatoes                                1 lb potatoes
      1 sweet pepper                               1 sweet or 1 green pepper
      1 green pepper                                1 garlic
      1 garlic                                           1 bunch chard
      1 bunch chard                                  1 eggplant
      1 eggplant                              1/2 lb beans or 1 bunch
1/2 lb beans or 1 bunch edamame
Posted 9/11/2011 3:48am by Andre Cantelmo.
We hope you have seen the flyers at your CSA pick ups and at the farm stand, but in case you missed it, the First Heron Pond Farm tomato tasting is today from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

We hope to see you all there!
Posted 9/5/2011 4:58am by Andre Cantelmo.
     We came through the storm without much damage, many farmers to the west of us were not so lucky. We don't exactly farm in beautiful river bottom soil, the flip side being that the river can't come and take it all away. Our biggest problem from the storm is corn that is laying on the ground instead of straight up. This will make for slower harvesting, but should not affect the crop itself.
     Speaking of corn, this week's share doesn't have any because of a very weedy and sparse planting. The porcupines and skunks haven't helped either, they love corn too and help themselves to it right off the stalk! The rest of our corn plantings this year look very good. Fall greens, broccoli and cauliflower are all growing well and we should see these crops beginning in mid September. Our green bean plantings are in fine shape but we are in between plantings right now and it would be a stretch to provide everyone with beans this week.
    For all you brussel sprout lovers out there, I can't give you a harvest date, but the crop looks fantastic!

         Full Share                                Half Share
     6 tomatoes                                    3 tomatoes
     2 lbs potatoes                               1 lb potatoes
     4 cucumbers                                   2 cucumbers
     2 zucchini or squash                     1 zucchini or squash
     2 eggplant                                      1 eggplant
     2 onions                                          1 onion
     4 peaches or apples                      2 peaches or apples
     1 garlic                                          1 garlic
     1 bunch chard                                  1 bunch chard