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Posted 5/27/2012 4:14pm by Andre Cantelmo.

The Summer CSA is about to begin!


We are so happy to announce the beginning of our Summer CSA. We're looking forward to seeing all of you! It's been a busy and productive spring and the farm has never looked better. Below is information about your pick ups and other details you've probably wondered about. We wanted to get this out to you sooner but we've been nonstop in the fields and greenhouses, please know that your patience will soon be rewarded by a wide variety of well cared for, plentiful food. So without further ado...


For members who pick up at our farm stand: The first pick up day is Sunday. If you have a Wed. pick up for example you would come on the 6th for your first pick up. The farm stand is open from 9am to 6pm, come any time between those hours to pick up your food on your chosen day. Click here to get directions to our farm stand.


For members who pick up in Dover: The first pick up in Dover will be on Monday June 4th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Click here to see directions to the pick up location.


For members who pick up in Portsmouth: The first pick up will be on Wednesday June 6th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Click here to see directions to the pick up location.


For members who pick up in Newburyport: The first pick up will be on Thursday the 7th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. This pick up is located in front of Joppa Fine Foods located in the Tannery. For directions please visit their website.



Please check your membership status to make sure we the correct information for you. Please check to see the day you are signed up for if at the farm stand. Do you want to add on a bread share? Is your balance correct? All payments should be made in full at this time. If you need a payment plan let us know and we will work one out with you.


Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


Pick Ups

Members receive enough produce to feed 2-4 people over a 20 week period starting in late May or early June and continuing through mid October. You will pick up your share once a week at your chosen location. At each pick up location a list of that weeks share will be posted. You then choose the veggies from the stand display or if you're in Dover, Portsmouth, or Newburyport from our farmers market style display. At all locations someone from the farm will be there to help with any questions you might have.

What happens if I miss my pick up?

Farm stand pick ups occur on your chosen day. If you miss your day you can pick up on another day within that shares week. If you miss your pick up in Dover, Portsmouth, or Newburyport shares will be boxed and left at the pick up location for you.

For all pick up locations, if you are not going to be able to make your pick up at all that week it is best to have a friend or relative who are interested in local food do it for you. If this does not work for you, you may “double up” on a share the following week by contacting your pick up coordinator, understanding of course that some food may not be available. All unclaimed shares are given to families in need on a weekly basis.  You must contact you pick up coordinator if you do not wish your share to be donated.

What will be in my weekly share?

Unlike the grocery store our varieties are chosen from some of the tastiest around. We are always on the look out for new ones and attend conferences as well as talking with other growers to find the best seed possible. If you have a suggestion we would be glad to hear it. Another difference from the grocer is our seasons. We stretch things when we can but for the most part we grow food in season. To see a week by week list of what share holders got in 2010 look under the CSA tab and click on “What was in the 2010 share”.

Thanks for you support!

Greg, Andre, and the whole crew here at the farm.

Posted 5/16/2012 6:45am by Andre Cantelmo.

   The season is moving along quickly and we'll soon be harvesting produce for your CSA shares. Pickups will begin the week of June 3rd. Details about pickups will follow later in the month. Right now our greens plantings look great, peas are in need of trellising and the greenhouse tomatoes look better than ever. The early potatoes are up and will need hilling soon. Let's hope for abundant sunshine and rain when we need it!

  *If you haven't already done so, it's also time to get those second payments in so that we can keep the fields well tended. Thank you for your support. Greg



Posted 5/4/2012 8:44pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The summer markets have started. This weekend you will find us in Portsmouth at the City Hall parking lot on Saturday from 8:00 to 1:00 and at the Tannery in Newburyport on Sunday from 10:00 to 2:00. We'll have seven varieties of potatoes, chard, yukina savoy, arugula and spinach.  At both markets you will also find local meats, eggs, honey, crafts and prepared foods. 

          Hope to see you there!  Greg

Posted 5/3/2012 6:55am by Andre Cantelmo.
We are still signing up members for the summer CSA season. Our spring harvests are right around the corner. Hope to see you at the farm.   Greg
Posted 4/27/2012 7:49pm by Andre Cantelmo.
Seacoast Eat Local will be putting on its last winter market of the season tomorrow at Exeter High School. From 10 to 2 you will find local veggies, meat, honey, syrup, wool, crafts, soaps and much more. Hope to see you there.  
Posted 4/13/2012 7:03pm by Andre Cantelmo.

 We've got greens! Great harvests of baby spinach and kale are headed to the Seacoast Eat Local market at Exeter High School and to the Somerville market at the Armory. We also have 9 varieties of potatoes, purple top turnips and the last of our wheat berries. Come and see us this weekend as well all the other wonderful vendors offering a wide array of local foods and crafts. 


Posted 4/5/2012 9:40pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   It would probably help if I told you what was in the share this week!

4 lbs potatoes

1 lb purple top turnips

1 bag spinach

1 bag kale

 Enjoy, Greg

Posted 4/5/2012 9:31pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    Farmstand Members,

    The winter has definitely come to an end and with it the winter CSA. Before we jump into the summer CSA season we need the next 7 to 8 weeks for preparing soil and planting. Some of what we do in the next few weeks will yield before spring is even over, but some of these crops are destined for next winter's shares! We'll hope for mild weather and just the right amount of rain to get the 2012 season off to a great start.

    We will attend the Seacoast Eat Local markets this Saturday at Exeter high school and again on April 21. In Newburyport you can find us at the tannery on April 8 and 22, followed by the spring opening in early May. Also, starting in May we will be at the Seacoast Grower's Association Portsmouth and Exeter markets.

     It's not too late to sign up for this summer's CSA. For those of you in Newburyport, we will have a pickup on Thursday afternoons at the Tannery. Have a great spring and thanks for your support of local agriculture.


Posted 3/22/2012 7:52pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   I don't know what to say about this weather anymore. It feels like June and the greenhouses are distinctly uncomfortable to work in even with every door wide open. On a positive note, seeds are germinating outside and it has been very pleasant outside for working. We are still seeding away in the greenhouses and the crew has done a tremendous amount of pruning in the blueberries. We expect 'normal' spring weather to return at some point so we can't do much more planting outside than we have without worrying that it will come to naught.

   For those of you who pick up in Dover or Portsmouth, this will be the last pickup of the season while farmstand members have one more pickup after this one. We've enjoyed growing your food this winter and meeting many of you. We hope that you'll join us for a great summer season to come.

Thanks again! Greg, Andre, Anna, Lis, Dave, Rich and Tim

This week's share:

4 lbs potatoes

1 lb carrots

1 lb purple top turnips

1 lb rutabagas

1 kohlrabi

1 bag spinach

1 bag kale

Posted 3/8/2012 9:01pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  It feels early for 65 degrees, but who's complaining? Warm weather lowers the heating bill and all the sun helps the seedlings grow more quickly. We still won't rush out to plant in the fields yet, but the warmth does help to make planting season more tangible. Right now the wind is howling and it has already made a mess of several greenhouse doors today. Let's hope that mild weather continues into April when it can really make a difference towards an early season.

  Many of you have signed up for a summer share, thank you and we look forward to great food all summer and fall. For those who are still thinking of signing up for the summer, it's getting close to that time when we would like to have an idea of how many families we'll be growing for this season. Right now we have onions, shallots, beets, chard, lettuce, cabbage, choi and parsley sown as well as many kinds of flowers. The first rounds of greenhouse tomatoes are also ready to plant. The days are getting longer whether we're ready or not!

         Enjoy!  Greg

This week's share:

4 lbs potatoes

1 lb carrots

1 lb purple top turnips

1 kohlrabi

2 lbs wheat berries

1 bag spinach

1 bag greens, choose from (availability will change) kale, yukina savoy, pink lettuce mustard, me quing choi