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Posted 7/23/2012 4:55am by Andre Cantelmo.

    As I write this newsletter some rain is falling and I hope that there is much more to come. We've had less than an inch of rain on the farm in the last month. With the frequent high temperatures all of the crops have been stressed. Andre and I have been very busy moving sprinklers and setting up drip irrigation but some crops will only see water in the form of rain.

   In your shares this week you will see the first of the spring onion crop. Right now we are harvesting the Ailsa Craigs, a mild (some call them sweet) onion that can get quite large. Green beans are finally here and they are delicious as usual. It didn't look like they would make it but the extreme heat pushed them along. Peaches from Apple Hill Farm are in your shares this week and they are tasty. Chuch and Diane tell us that this is the earliest they have ever harvested peaches. Blueberry season was very short for us this year. We heavily pruned the bushes in late winter/early spring so that we could produce more berries and less lumber, but the short term result is fewer berries. We hope that our berry crops going forward are better as a result. There is still some u-pick available, although our u-pickers cleaned out the patch this weekend. We expect some berries to ripen late in the week.

    Enjoy eating in the season,  Greg


               Full Share                                                              Half Share

            2 tomatoes                                                              1 tomato

            4 peaches                                                                2 peaches

            2 lbs potatoes                                                          1 lb potatoes

            1 lb green beans                                                      1/2 lb green beans

            2 zucchini                                                                1 zucchini

            1 bunch carrots                                                        1 bunch carrots

            2 onions                                                                 1 onion

            1 bunch basil                                                           1 bunch basil

            1 bag of greens                                                       1 bag of greens

            1 head cabbage

Posted 7/10/2012 4:47am by Andre Cantelmo.

     Sorry for the delay in getting the newsletter out. The mid-summer reality of the farm has demanded my full attention, to the detriment of all paperwork and communication. We're in the thick of it here: planting, weeding, harvesting and the juggle to get all the produce where it needs to go. Our last planting of tomatoes will be go in today. The next rounds of cucumbers, zucchini, summer squash, broccoli, and cauliflower will hopefully be in this week. At the same time Andre is working to prepare ground for fall carrots and beets. We're hoping that things calm down in another 10 to 14 days.

     This weeks shares look alot like last week except for the arrival of cucumbers and departure of sugarsnaps. We had the longest pea season ever for this farm, but the summer heat has put an end to it all. We are picking blueberries and hope that by next week the picking will be good enough to get them into the share. Our earliest bean planting is not going to be very productive so we're looking forward to subsequent plantings to satisfy green bean lovers. 



         Full Share                                                              Half Share

      2 tomatoes                                                                 1 tomato

      2 lbs potatoes                                                             1 lb potatoes

      3 zucchini/summer squash                                         2 zucchini/summer squash

      2 cucumbers                                                                1 cucumber

      2 onions                                                                     1 onion

      1 bunch carrots                                                          1 bunch carrots

      1 bag greens                                                        1 bag greens or 1 bunch swiss chard

      1 bunch swiss chard                  

Posted 7/1/2012 2:52pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    Here on the farm we are settling into our summer rhythm. Regular plantings of many crops continue and harvest grows by the week. Lis, Rich and the field crew are in a groove with harvest and are able get done some other projects in the afternoon. Andre and I are busy preparing ground, planting and cultivating. For all of you who participate in the winter CSA, watch out! We've got some great looking storage crops that look better than ever.

    Carrots are making their first appearance of the season. We have two very nice carrot plantings that should keep us going for some time. This will probably be the last week for sugarsnap peas. We've had a good run but the heat of summer will send them on their way. Green beans are a week or two away. We hope that the cucumbers will be ready for next weeks' share and also possibly blueberries.  Don't forget to eat well in the heat, everything on this weeks' list can be eaten in a salad, prepared on the grill or eaten out of hand. Enjoy, Greg

         Full Share                                                                    Half Share

2 tomatoes                                                                        1 tomato

2 zucchini/summer squash                                            1 zucchini/summer squash

2 lbs new potatoes                                                        1 lb new potatoes

1 lb sugarsnap peas                                                     1/2 lb sugarsnap peas

2 onions                                                                          1 onion

1 head lettuce                                                              1 head lettuce or 1 bag of greens

1 bag greens                                                                  1 bunch chard

1 bunch chard                                                                  1 bunch carrots

1 bunch carrots

Posted 6/25/2012 11:51am by Andre Cantelmo.

    What a heat wave! The zucchini and summer squash really jumped with the temperatures and the cucumbers are now coming along quickly. Not all of the cool season crops were happy about the temps, but they seem to have done OK. We are close to catching up on our planting and are very busy taking care of everything that is planted to date. The crew here had a rough week in the heat but other than being tired and a little sunburned they did well. Kudos to Erik and the transplanting crew this week for getting the leeks planted at the peak of the heat, you may have seen them off Whitehall road pushing to get the job done. We'll all enjoy the fruits of that labor in October!

   A reminder for folks at the Dover and Portsmouth pickup sites, New Roots Farm will be there once a month for meat shares but will not have any meat for retail sales. They may have a September/October abbreviated meat share for those not signed up for the full meat share.

                                              Thanks, Greg



           Full Share                                                                Half Share

         2 tomatoes                                                               1 tomato

         2 zucchini or summer squash                                  1 zucchini or summer squash

         1 1/2 lbs new potatoes                                              3/4 lb new potatoes

         1 lb sugarsnap peas                                                 1/2 lb sugarsnap peas

         2 onions                                                                  1 onion

         1 bunch chard                                                         1 bunch chard

         1 head lettuce                                                      1 head lettuce or 1 bag salad greens

         1 bunch beets

Posted 6/17/2012 7:28pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  Now we're getting to some real food. New potatoes are in and they are delicious! The sugarsnaps are sweet and in great abundance. The tomato greenhouses are really rolling and the greens continue to look good. We're still busy on the farm planting and beginning catch up on controlling the weeds. June may be the busiest month around the farm!

   For those at the Dover and Portsmouth pickups, meat shares will begin this week. New Roots Farm will at each site during the normal pickup hours with a full selection of their meats.


            Full Share                                                      Half Share

      2 tomatoes                                                     1 tomato

      1 lb sugarsnap peas                                      1/2 lb sugarsnap peas

      1 head lettuce                                                1 head lettuce

      1 bag greens                                                  1 bag greens

      1 quart strawberries                                      1 pt strawberries

      1 lb new potatoes                                         1 lb new potatoes

      2 onions                                                      1 onion

      1 bunch beets

Posted 6/3/2012 5:21pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Here we are at the start of another season! Welcome to all new members of our CSA, we hope that you'll enjoy all the delicious veggies coming your way. We are starting off the shares with almost the last of our storage potatoes. We've been enjoying these since they made it into the root cellar in November. Green and red leaf lettuce are beautiful and crisp. Your choice of greens will vary throughout the week between spinach, chard, kale and turnip greens. Most of these greens, while not being baby size, are smaller leaves and very tender. Here at home we've been using them in salads. The onions are from our overwintered planting. These are green onions that have not dried down, and you should use the bulb, neck and the lower part of the greens.

   Next week we will certainly have sugarsnap peas and beets in the share, possibly greenhouse tomatoes. For those who enjoy the peas, we've got three great planting to keep us going strong right through the month. New potatoes my also make an appearance before the month is out.

  Pickups in Dover, Portsmouth and Newburyport will start this week on their summer schedule of 3-7. If you haven't picked up your share in Dover or Portsmouth by 7:00, a share will be bagged for you and left at the site for a day before it is donated. Newburyport shareholders who don't pickup by 7 can pick up their shares at the farmstand.

  Farmstand shareholders, we are open from 9-6 everyday. We look forward to seeing you there.


        Full Share                               Half Share

2 lbs potatoes                               1 lb potatoes

1 head lettuce                               1 head lettuce

2 bags greens                               1 bag greens

3 onions                                       1 onion

Posted 5/27/2012 4:14pm by Andre Cantelmo.

The Summer CSA is about to begin!


We are so happy to announce the beginning of our Summer CSA. We're looking forward to seeing all of you! It's been a busy and productive spring and the farm has never looked better. Below is information about your pick ups and other details you've probably wondered about. We wanted to get this out to you sooner but we've been nonstop in the fields and greenhouses, please know that your patience will soon be rewarded by a wide variety of well cared for, plentiful food. So without further ado...


For members who pick up at our farm stand: The first pick up day is Sunday. If you have a Wed. pick up for example you would come on the 6th for your first pick up. The farm stand is open from 9am to 6pm, come any time between those hours to pick up your food on your chosen day. Click here to get directions to our farm stand.


For members who pick up in Dover: The first pick up in Dover will be on Monday June 4th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Click here to see directions to the pick up location.


For members who pick up in Portsmouth: The first pick up will be on Wednesday June 6th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. Click here to see directions to the pick up location.


For members who pick up in Newburyport: The first pick up will be on Thursday the 7th between the hours of 3pm and 7pm. This pick up is located in front of Joppa Fine Foods located in the Tannery. For directions please visit their website.



Please check your membership status to make sure we the correct information for you. Please check to see the day you are signed up for if at the farm stand. Do you want to add on a bread share? Is your balance correct? All payments should be made in full at this time. If you need a payment plan let us know and we will work one out with you.


Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:


Pick Ups

Members receive enough produce to feed 2-4 people over a 20 week period starting in late May or early June and continuing through mid October. You will pick up your share once a week at your chosen location. At each pick up location a list of that weeks share will be posted. You then choose the veggies from the stand display or if you're in Dover, Portsmouth, or Newburyport from our farmers market style display. At all locations someone from the farm will be there to help with any questions you might have.

What happens if I miss my pick up?

Farm stand pick ups occur on your chosen day. If you miss your day you can pick up on another day within that shares week. If you miss your pick up in Dover, Portsmouth, or Newburyport shares will be boxed and left at the pick up location for you.

For all pick up locations, if you are not going to be able to make your pick up at all that week it is best to have a friend or relative who are interested in local food do it for you. If this does not work for you, you may “double up” on a share the following week by contacting your pick up coordinator, understanding of course that some food may not be available. All unclaimed shares are given to families in need on a weekly basis.  You must contact you pick up coordinator if you do not wish your share to be donated.

What will be in my weekly share?

Unlike the grocery store our varieties are chosen from some of the tastiest around. We are always on the look out for new ones and attend conferences as well as talking with other growers to find the best seed possible. If you have a suggestion we would be glad to hear it. Another difference from the grocer is our seasons. We stretch things when we can but for the most part we grow food in season. To see a week by week list of what share holders got in 2010 look under the CSA tab and click on “What was in the 2010 share”.

Thanks for you support!

Greg, Andre, and the whole crew here at the farm.

Posted 5/16/2012 6:45am by Andre Cantelmo.

   The season is moving along quickly and we'll soon be harvesting produce for your CSA shares. Pickups will begin the week of June 3rd. Details about pickups will follow later in the month. Right now our greens plantings look great, peas are in need of trellising and the greenhouse tomatoes look better than ever. The early potatoes are up and will need hilling soon. Let's hope for abundant sunshine and rain when we need it!

  *If you haven't already done so, it's also time to get those second payments in so that we can keep the fields well tended. Thank you for your support. Greg



Posted 5/4/2012 8:44pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The summer markets have started. This weekend you will find us in Portsmouth at the City Hall parking lot on Saturday from 8:00 to 1:00 and at the Tannery in Newburyport on Sunday from 10:00 to 2:00. We'll have seven varieties of potatoes, chard, yukina savoy, arugula and spinach.  At both markets you will also find local meats, eggs, honey, crafts and prepared foods. 

          Hope to see you there!  Greg

Posted 5/3/2012 6:55am by Andre Cantelmo.
We are still signing up members for the summer CSA season. Our spring harvests are right around the corner. Hope to see you at the farm.   Greg