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Posted 12/27/2012 6:21pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello everyone!


We here at Heron Pond Farm hope all of you have had a great holiday season so far. We are all looking forward to the new year and what it will bring.


This last week has brought some excitement to the farm. Two of the big houses that we make use of at Barker's farm have lost there covers in the high winds of a week ago. This has placed a large amount of the greens that we count on for January and early February at great risk. Greg did not go to the York farmers market last Saturday. Instead, he spent the day putting down double the hoops and covers over the greens. He made great use of the sheets of plastic that had been ripped off the houses, cutting it up and laying it over the row covers to give the plants a little more protection. His efforts have paid off big time. This week the greens in the share will be dubbed “Greg's Greens!”


We have a crew set up to fix these houses this Friday, Saturday, and Monday. The crew must get the houses covered before next weeks very low temps ruin the crop. I have spent the last few days getting all the materials together for the job. Special thanks must go out to the folks at Ledgewood Farm for having the plastic on hand to cover the houses. Hopefully all will go smoothly over the next few days so that we may all continue to enjoy fresh greens this winter. Prey for calm. No wind!




This weeks share follows the photos.


DSCN0047 DSCN0048 DSCN0049



Full Share                                                                         Half Share


2lbs of Potatoes                                                               1lb of Potatoes


2 Heads of Garlic                                                            1 Head of Garlic


2 Onions                                                                         1 Onion


2lbs Carrots                                                                    1 Carrots or Beets


1lbs Beets                                                                       1 Cabbage


1 Cabbage                                                                      1 Bag of “Greg's Greens”


1 Bag of “Greg's Greens”                                              Choose 3 of the following:


1 Celeriac                                                                       1 Celeriac


1lb Purple Top Turnips                                                  1lb Purple Top Turnips


1 Kohlrabi                                                                      1 Kohlrabi


1lb of Black Spanish or Watermelon radish                   1lb of Black Spanish or                    

Posted 12/21/2012 7:13am by Andre Cantelmo.

   Our farm will be at several holiday markets this weekend. We'll have our usual winter array of salad greens, kale, cabbage, brusssels sprouts, potatoes, leeks, onions, shallots and many different root vegetables. These markets are also great places to do some holiday shopping with many interesting vendors that offer more than just local food.

   Seacoast Eat Local market at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford, NH from 10 to 2 on Saturday.

   Somerville winter market at the Armory from 9:30 to 2 on Saturday.

   Gateway winter market at the American Legion Hall in York, ME from 9 to 12 on Saturday.

   Newburyport winter market at the Tannery from 9 to 1 on Sunday.


   Come and enjoy all of the local products and holiday cheer.   Greg

Posted 12/14/2012 7:48am by Andre Cantelmo.

     We have a great share for everyone this week. The last of our pie pumpkins and butternut squash are in this week. Salad greens and broccoli raab are available this week and carrots are back. Wheat berries are making their first appearance of the season and I'm sure that many of you will have questions about their preparation. Anna will have suggestions at the stand and we will gather up some other recipes for those of you in Dover and Portsmouth. This weeks' share also brings the last apples available from Apple Hill Farm.

      New Roots Farm Meat CSA pickups will begin this weekend at the farmstand and on Monday in Dover and Portsmouth on Wednesday. If you haven't signed up yet you can do so at any one of the pickups (and receive a share).

     We have just about finished putting crops into storage here on the farm. The greens in your share are the last available from the field aside from the bunched kale. Our leeks have suddenly become of great interest to the deer so Andre and I have started regular patrols to preserve some leeks for the winter. Our indoor greens look very good and we hope to have a consistent supply through the winter. 

     This week we are saying goodbye to our farm crew manager Lis. She is moving on to pursue her music and other opportunities. Lis has been a significant part of the energy behind the effort to plant all of these wonderful crops and bring in your harvest for the last four years. She has earned the respect of her crews because she leads by example and her work has allowed Andre and I to focus on growing the crops. She won't be easily replaced. We wish her the best in all of her future endeavors.

      The farmstand will be open until 5:00 Friday through Sunday this weekend, although Sunday is self serve. We will be at the Dover pickup from 3 to 6 on Monday and in Portsmouth from 3-6 on Wednesday.


                       Full Share                                                               Half Share

           2 lbs potatoes                                                                  1 lb potatoes

           2 lbs wheat berries                                                            1 lb wheat berries

           1 pie pumpkin                                                                  1 pie pumpkin

           1 butternut squash                                           1 bag greens or bunch raab or bunch kale

         1 bag greens or bunch raab                                                  1 head garlic

            1 bunch kale                                                                    1 onion

            2 heads garlic                                                                   1 leek

            2 onions                                                                          1 lb carrots

            2 leeks                                                                           1 pt brussels sprouts

            2 lbs carrots                                                                     2 apples

           1 pt brussels sprouts

            5 apples

Posted 12/7/2012 7:12am by Andre Cantelmo.

   This weekend you will find us at three winter markets in Exeter, Newburyport and Somerville.

   On Saturday from 10 to 2 you find our greens, root veggies, brussels sprouts, leeks, onions and more at Exeter High School as part of the Seacoast Eat Local markets. This market is also a great place to find delicious prepared foods, crafts, baked goods, local meat, cheese and eggs.

   For those in the Boston area we will be at the Somerville Winter Market held at the Armory Center for the Arts on Highland Avenue from 9:30 to 2:00. In addition to our array of veggies you will find apples, cheese, prepared and specialty foods.

   On Sunday The Tannery in Newburyport will be host to the first winter market of the season from 9 to 12. You'll find us under the cover of the most unique outdoor structure hosting a winter market, constructed by David Hall and his Tannery staff. Once again in addition to our veggies you will find baked goods, herbs, cheese, local meat and other local artisan products.


                  See you there,  Greg

Posted 11/28/2012 8:18pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Since the holiday we have continued to bring in the storage crops and are trying to prepare the farm for the colder weather ahead. Crops stored in unheated locations need to be housed in more temperate spots and often need washing before storage. Onions and shallots spread on benches to dry and cure are cleaned and boxed for efficient storage. We've effectively filled the root cellar and the new barn with produce. That's a lot of food!

   Over the last few weeks we've had to say goodbye to some of our seasonal crew, all good folks. This week we say goodbye to Richard Colburn, who has been with us for seven seasons. Richard came to us via UMass Amherst with ZERO knowledge of agriculture. He has since become maestro of many harvests, weedings and special projects, none so dear to his heart as heirloom tomatoes. When not expounding upon the virtues of obscure tomato varieties he often regales us with intricate details of ancient roman history and Boston Red Sox lore. Rich is headed west to the city by the bay to find new adventure in life and we wish him the best on that path.  We will miss him more than this farmer can express in words.

     We are on the every other week schedule now. For farm stand members, Sundays are self service days. We're open for you to pick up your shares and for self serve retail, but we farmers will try to take the day off. For those without a payment arrangement, this would be a great time to send in the remainder of your balance. We'll be at markets this weekend in Rollinsford at Wentworth Greenhouse, Rollin Green Nursery in Greenland and at the Armory in Somerville, MA. 

          Eat Well!    Greg



This weeks' shares:


                 Full Share                                                              Half Share

             4 lbs potatoes                                                           2lbs potatoes

   1 lb turnips or watermelon radish                              1 rutabaga or 1lb turnip or watermelon radish

            1 rutabaga                                                           1 head Napa cabbage or 1 bunch kale

            2 heads garlic                                                            1 head garlic

            2 leeks                                                                      1 leek

            4 onions                                                                     2 onions

         1 head napa cabbage                                                   1 bunch red radish

           1 bunch kale                                                               1 bunch turnip greens

            1 bunch red radish                                                      1 brussels sprout stalk

           1 bunch turnip greens

           1 brussels sprout stalk                    

Posted 11/5/2012 6:52am by Andre Cantelmo.

   Well, first we were in a hurry to harvest ahead of Sandy and now its the cold followed by another storm. Guess that it's just that time of year. We hope to finish up harvest of the potatoes today or tomorrow and move on to celeriac and rutabagas. From now until Thanksgiving or so we'll be getting almost all of the root crops out of the ground and into storage. We feel a bit like squirrels burying acorns for winter. In addition we still have fields to clean up to prep for cover cropping and sensitive greens to protect from the more severe cold.

    We are finally back into some nice salad greens with a great planting just coming on now across the street from the farm stand. Right now there will baby kale and yukina savoy, with spinach to follow soon. Celeriac is in the share this week. It looks pretty odd on the outside and the outer skin does need to be peeled off. The interior has an intense celery flavor that is wonderful in soups and stews, the preferred way to prepare celeriac in our house.

                                                           Enjoy, Greg


This weeks' share:

      2 lbs potatoes

      1 bunch beets

      1 bag salad greens

      1 bunch kale

      1 rutabaga

      1 celeriac

      1 bunch radishes

      1 brussels sprout stalk

      4 onions

      2 leeks

      6 apples

Posted 11/3/2012 6:53am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello to all our farm friends


Greg and I have been trying to find ways to include all our members that would like a winter share but can't quite keep up with the amount of food in its current structure. Last week we introduced the idea of the lean and green share. It seems many of you would like to be included in something like this. We will certainly include the lean and green option in our winter offerings next year as we are not quite ready for it this season. However, Greg has come up with a way to structure a reasonable half share for $300. In the past this would have been next to impossible, but due to our increase in winter diversity Greg has developed a half share worthy of Heron Pond Farm.


Registration is as easy as ever. Just use the member sign up page and choose half share as your option. You can pick up at your chosen location right away. Just print out your membership conformation email and bring it with your deposit to pick up you share. Your bill will be prorated to reflect any shares you may have missed.


We hope you will enjoy the half share that we have put together for you this year. All of us on the farm look forward to a great winter together.



Posted 10/29/2012 1:22pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    I hope that all of you are safe and out of harms way. It's blowing pretty hard on the farm right now and we hope that we have secured equipment and doors well enough to avoid any unnecessary damage. We were very busy on the farm this week harvesting potatoes and continuing with cover cropping. We've harvested almost all of the round type potatoes and will tackle the fingerlings when the ground dries. The crew that wasn't involved in potato harvest has been handling the regular harvest and removing plastic mulch and tomato stakes from fields so that cover crops can be sown. We'll be very busy right through Thanksgiving with harvest of rutabaga, kohlrabi, cabbage, parsnips, carrots, celeriac, turnips, beets and storage radishes. We can normally leave leeks and brussels sprouts and some greens in the field until really cold weather sets in. Boots, gloves, waterproof gear and lots of warm beverages are needed for this work!

   For those at our Dover and Portsmouth pickups, please remember that pickups in the winter are from 3 to 6. For those who haven't already heard, the Dover pickup has been rescheduled for Thursday this week due to the weather. Let's hope that the storm leaves us all no worse for the wear!



This weeks' share:

   2 lbs potatoes

   1 bunch beets

   4 onions

   2 leeks

   1 kohlrabi

   1 rutabaga

   6 apples

   1 butternut squash

   1 brussels sprout stalk

   1 bunch kale

   1 bunch parsley

Posted 10/29/2012 6:23am by Andre Cantelmo.
    Due to the impending storm we have cancelled the Dover winter CSA pickup and rescheduled it for Thursday from 3-6 at the same location. The farmstand will also be closed on both Monday and Tuesday due to the weather. We will re-open Wednesday at 9:00. The Portsmouth CSA pickup will proceed normally on Wednesday.  Thanks, Greg
Posted 10/22/2012 9:57am by Andre Cantelmo.

   Welcome to all of you as we begin this winter's CSA season! For those who are new to the CSA these messages containing the share list will also include some details about work going on at the farm and a little forecasting about what veggies are coming soon. For now let me say a few things about pickups for those who are new to the CSA. If you are a member in Dover or Portsmouth and aren't familiar with the pickup site you can go to our website and find the CSA drop down menu. There you will find maps and directions to those sites. During the winter our pickups are from 3:00 to 6:00 at these sites. At the farmstand the we open Friday through Sunday on pickup weekends. Hours right now and for several more weeks are 9:00 to 6:00 but will change to 10:00-5:00 by mid-November ( we'll post the change). Deep in the winter Sunday will be a self serve situation as the farmstand will not be staffed on that day. It is good for the sanity of the farmers!

   This Week:  Dover 10/22, Portsmouth 10/24 and Farm Stand 10/26-10/28!

    Before last weeks freeze we managed to harvest quite a few sweet and green peppers to enjoy this week and last. You will find two of those in your share this week. Most of the cauliflower is of the Romanesco type: green with spiralled points all over the head. It has a nuttier flavor than regular cauliflower and is far more interesting visually. The beets are just coming to size so they are quite tender and have nice greens. We have a beautiful crop of leeks this year and it has been great to substitute them for onions in many dishes. The brussels sprouts have had a few frosts to enhance their flavor, although some of us like them anytime! Some of the winter foods that we have offered in the past will be in the shares soon: kohlrabi, rutabaga, carrots (of course!), turnips, radishes, parsnips, shallots, celeriac and of course many different greens.   

      Enjoy, Greg


       This weeks' share:

       2 lbs potatoes

       2 lbs cauliflower

       6 apples

       2 butternut squash

       1 brussels sprout stalk

       4 onions

       2 leeks

       2 peppers

       1 bunch beets

       1 bunch kale

       1 bunch parsley

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