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Posted 6/9/2013 9:13am by Andre Cantelmo.

      We are still moving forward with planting, tending and harvesting here on the farm. Rain and wet fields have slowed us some and promise continue to do so this week. On the bright side, irrigation hasn't been necessary! We are hoping that by the next share both sugarsnap peas and beets will be ready. Our early tomato greenhouses are weakened by an aphid infestation, but we have it under control in the later maturing houses. Early onions are beginning to bulb and new potatoes have begun to form tubers.

      For those with farm stand pickups make note of the day you signed up for, and if it won't work for you let us know so that it can be changed in our system. In Dover, we apologize for the problems last week with the new pickup location. We will have better signage out this week so that the location will be obvious.

             Thanks, Greg


                            Full Share                                                        Half Share

                   2 heads of lettuce                                               1 head of lettuce

                   1 bag salad greens                                             1 bag salad greens

                   1 bunch chard                                                   1 bunch chard or 1 head choi

                   1 head choi                                                       1 lb potatoes

                   1 lb potatoes

Posted 6/6/2013 7:49pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Hey folks, The Heritage Meat Add-On option begins with this coming week's pickups at the farm-stand, and in Dover and Portsmouth. If you indicated an interest in participating but have not registered and paid yet, we apologize for any confusion. Technical issues with the registration software led to the loss of some data. No worries, however. We will be accepting registrations and payment on the spot on Monday the 10th in Dover and Wednesday the 12th in Portsmouth. There is also room for new participants as well. Details of the program along with a registration form are available at

If you have already mailed your registration info, you are all set to go. Thanks very much!

Posted 6/1/2013 11:09am by Andre Cantelmo.

      Hard to believe that it is already June! It sure feels like it with these temperatures. As always at this time of year we are busy planting. We lost some time in the fields with the rain last week but the last several days have been a blur of planting, cultivating and harvesting. The share this week is a light one but we wanted to get things rolling.

      Farm stand pickups begin on Sunday. We are open from 9 to 6 daily. Dover and Portsmouth shareholders will find directions to their pickup locations on our website. Hours for these pickups will be from 3 to 7. The Newburyport pickup location is in front of Joppa Fine Foods at the Tannery, also from 3 to 7.


This week's share:


                   Full Share                                                          Half Share

        1 head Lettuce                                                             1 head Lettuce

        1 bunch chard                                                              1 bunch chard

        1 head bok choi                                                           1/2 lb potatoes

        1 lb potatoes                                                               1/4 lb shallots

        1/2 lb shallots

Posted 5/26/2013 10:48am by Andre Cantelmo.

Last chance! 


The 2013 CSA season is about to begin.  If you or anyone you know would still like to be part of our veggie CSA or the New Roots Farm CSA let us know.  You can still sign up online or catch us at one of our farm stands or farmers markets.


We at Heron Pond Farm are looking forward to providing you with 20 weeks of local food goodness!


Come along for the ride.



Posted 5/26/2013 9:11am by Andre Cantelmo.

Dear CSA Members,

It has been a hectic season here at Heron Pond Farm on all fronts, and I'm sorry that I've been out of touch for so long. We have lots of good things happening, but the days aren't long enough to get everything done. The good news is that you will reap the rewards of this labor!

On the farm we've had an unusually cool spring that has slowed down the growth of the crops. And now we're getting lots of good rain, but that complicates transplanting and working the fields. All of this is par for the course, but it keeps up scrambling.

As you know, we've been working on the new farm store at Eastman's Corner in Kensington. I'm very happy to say that as of today we are open for business. Please do come by and see what we have to offer, and hold the date of June 22-23 and come to our Grand Opening! There will be a wide array of food to taste, all supplied by local vendors who will be there to discuss what they are offering, and there will be entertainment for all. Bring the kids and make a afternoon of it!

Regarding the new CSA season, as you know, we usually offer the first share at the beginning of June. Because of the slow growing season we considered waiting but we have have too much good food to not get it to you as soon as possible. So, this first share will include potatoes, 2 heads of lettuce, bok choi, Swiss chard, and whatever other greens we have. This share will be light, but consider it a first taste of spring!

We have a new location for our Dover pickups. We'll be at the Seventh Settlement Brewery on Washington Street in downtown Dover, opposite the children's museum.

Here are the first pickup dates:
Dover—Monday, June 3
Portsmouth—Wednesday, June 5
Newburyport—Thursday, June 6
South Hampton farm stand—Sunday, June 2

Finally, the beginning of a new season is a good time to check your information on the MEMBERSHIP DETAIL PAGE on our website. Please check to be sure that we have you down for the correct share (i.e. half or whole); that we have you registered for a meat share if you signed up for one; that the balance of your account is correct, and your farm stand pickup day. (Again, CSA pickups must be made that the South Hampton stand ONLY.) 

Moving forward, our communication will be more regular and more timely! We're anticipating a great growing season and lots of good, healthy food for all!



Posted 4/4/2013 6:46am by Greg Balog.

     Well here we are at the final farm stand pickup of the winter CSA. We are in full swing around the greenhouses with many different veggies growing for planting soon. We haven't yet opened any ground, making it among the latest starts ever for us. Early spring crops will be late but many other crops will catch up with a little help from Mother Nature. Registration for our summer CSA is still open. You can register online or fill out a registration form at the farm stand this weekend. Information on a bread share option will be available soon.

     It's been a great winter and we've appreciated all of your feedback on the share. Thanks for being part of the farm and we look forward to seeing you all this summer.   Greg


                 Full Share                                                                  Half Share

            5 lbs potatoes                                                                3 lbs potatoes

            1 lb carrots                                                                     1/2 lb carrots

            1 rutabaga                                                                     1 rutabaga

            2 lbs onions                                                                   1 lb onions

            1 lb shallots                                                                   1/2 lb shallots

            1 lb  spinach                                                                  1 bag spinach

            1 bag kale                                                                     1 bag kale

Posted 3/21/2013 9:40am by Andre Cantelmo.

      OK, this isn't funny anymore. I know it snows in New England, and I know that I am supposed to be stoic about another snowstorm but I no longer find this humorous. At this time last year I believe we had peas and carrots sown outside but right now I can't see the ground except for where I have plowed. This isn't the type of plow I want to see right now!

      Alright, I'll stop complaining. Wow have we got greens! The spinach is growing so fast that we can hardly keep up. We also have chard, green kale and red kale. Plenty of onions, shallots, rutabagas and potatoes. I promise not to complain about deer but unfortunately they have eaten all of the overwintered parsnips. I think they will be safer in the root cellar next year.

      For folks in Portsmouth and Dover this will be your last pickup of the winter CSA. Thanks for your support and we hope to see you this summer. We will remain at Orchard and Ash in Portsmouth this summer but will be moving to a new location in Dover this season. Our new location will be at the new Seventh Settlement Brewery across from the Children's Museum. We'll keep the same day and time for that pickup.

      Shareholders at the farm stand have one more pickup, April 5-7.

      Online registration for the summer CSA is easy through our website. We try to improve our offerings each year and incorporate your suggestions from the winter's shareholder meetings. Lots of snow on the ground but the sun is shining high and bright and spring will come!    Greg



                             Full Share                                                     Half Share

           4 lbs potatoes                                                              2 lbs potatoes

           1 lb carrots                                                                   1 lb carrots

           2 rutabagas                                                                 1 rutabaga

           2 lbs onions                                                                 1 lb onions

           1 lb shallots                                                                 1/2 lb shallots

           1 lb spinach                                                                 2 bags greens

           1 bag other greens

Posted 3/16/2013 6:04am by Andre Cantelmo.

You can find us this weekend at several local farmers markets. We'll be at Exeter High School from 10 to 2 today for the Seacoast Eat Local market and also in Somerville at the Armory from 9:30 to 2. Tomorrow we'll be at the Tannery in Newburyport from 9 to 1 for the Newburyport Winter Farmers Market. Right now we have potatoes and other root vegetables, onions, shallot, cabbage and several different salad greens. Come on out and see us this weekend!

Posted 3/7/2013 2:32pm by Greg Balog.

     We haven't had much help from the sun lately! While it hasn't been super cold and the snow hasn't accumulated much, the clouds have really put a damper on that early spring we're all looking for. Luckily our greens haven't paid too much attention because the spinach in particular is really rolling. This will be the last of the cabbage and we are sorry to see it go. The weather has not yet allowed us to harvest parsnips, still covered in snow, but we plan to hurry out as soon as it melts and before the deer remember how good they are.

      Seeding for spring planting has really picked up on the farm and we have already filled two greenhouses. It won't take much longer for two more to be filled and away we go. We are still busy with crop planning and the new farm store in Kensington. After this round of snow we'll have to move equipment out of storage to make room for trays of transplants. With the snow melt we can check on our overwintered plantings and before long sneak in for our early seedings. Here's to long days and bright sunshine!   Greg


                      Full Share                                                              Half Share

       3 lbs potatoes                                                                  1 lb potatoes

       1 lb sweet potatoes                                                           1 lb sweet potatoes

       2 lbs carrots                                                                     1 lb carrots

       1 rutabaga                                                                     1 rutabaga or 1 head cabbage

       1 head cabbage                                                                 1 lb onions

       2 lbs onions                                                                       2 shallots

       4 shallots                                                                          1 bag salad greens

       2 bags salad greens

Posted 2/21/2013 7:44pm by Andre Cantelmo.

       Here we go again with the snow! More on the way for the weekend but I guess that we should just expect it. A treat in the share this week, we've gotten sweet potatoes from Red Fire Farm in Granby, MA. They are the same variety that you had earlier in the winter from Picadilly Farm. Our greens are starting to respond to the lengthening days and growth has really picked up. March should be chock full of spinach and that is also the primary green this share. I believe this will also be the last share with cabbage. At the end of the growing season we harvested as many cabbages as we could fit into the root cellar and walk-ins, believing that come March we would have lots left over. Not the case at all! Next year we'll harvest all we can and then harvest some more.

      When you arrive to pick up your shares this time we will have information about the bread shares available this summer through Starboard Cove Bakery in Dover. We'll have the website updated next week to allow signing up for the bread share.

       It is a little late but we have started to sow seeds in the greenhouse! Andre has been sowing Ailsa Craig sweet onions and by next week we should be finished seeding our onions. We'll also be seeding shallots, leeks, artichokes, herbs and some flowers. Here we go! Stay safe in the snow and enjoy a great meal!




                          Full Share                                                         Half Share

               2 lbs potatoes                                                          1 lb potatoes

               2 lbs sweet potatoes                                                 1 lb sweet potatoes

               2 lbs carrots                                                             1 lb carrots

               1 rutabaga                                                               1 rutabaga or 1 cabbage

               2 lbs onions                                                              1 lb onions

               4 shallots                                                                2 shallots OR 1 head garlic

               1 head garlic                                                            1 bag salad greens

               1 head of cabbage

               1 bag of salad greens

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