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Posted 8/20/2013 5:03am by Andre Cantelmo.

    My apologies for getting this list out late. We have peaches in the share from our friends at Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH. Delicious! The peppers have finally recovered from their early deer damage and we should see them regularly now. We are just starting to harvest some tomatoes from outside our greenhouses. Not many yet but they are coming. Greens are looking good in the field and we hope to have a steady supply through the fall.

                                                     Enjoy, Greg


                 Full Share                                                                             Half Share

              3 tomatoes                                                          1 tomato

              2 lbs potatoes                                                     1 lb potatoes

              2 eggplant                                                           1 eggplant

              4 onions                                                             2 onions

              2 bags of salad greens                                         1 bag of salad greens

              4 peaches                                                           2 peaches

              6 ears sweet corn                                                 3 ears sweet corn

              1 green pepper

Posted 8/11/2013 4:34pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    We are finally starting to emerge from our light harvests of recent weeks. The early summer rains and intense heat threw off our sequential plantings and helped bury many crops in weeds. Tomatoes and peppers are late thanks to our friendly neighborhood deer but thankfully they don't like eggplant. They have also destroyed several blocks of sweet corn. We have protected almost five acres with electric fence this season and will be spraying hot pepper wax to deter them in some crops. Fall plantings look good and our new German cultivating tool will help us keep them that way.

     We are entering a fantastic stretch of salad greens and the first planting of melons is producing quite a bit right now. Onions in the share will continue to be mostly sweet onions with perhaps some reds. Sweet corn is Montauk and Nantasket. Beans may make it into the share next week and cucumbers and squash should also return. Enjoy this beautiful weather and eat well.  Greg



                    Full Share                                                                                    Half Share

              2 tomatoes                                                                   1 tomato

              2 lbs potatoes                                                               1 lb potatoes

              1 lb carrots                                                                    1 lb carrots

              4 onions                                                                       2 onions

              2 eggplant                                                                    1 eggplant

              1 melon                                                                       1 melon

              6 ears sweet corn                                                        3 ears sweet corn

              2 bags salad greens                                                    1 bag salad greens

Posted 7/28/2013 1:26pm by Andre Cantelmo.

     We've finally gotten into some sweet corn these past few days. Our first block yielded very little after the deer got done with it, but for now they seem content to leave our newly ripening corn alone. The varieties this week will be mostly Nantasket and Montauk, perhaps some Sweet Chorous late in the week. Eggplant have started to yield, although not enough for everyone. By next week the eggplant should be yielding enough to get them in all the shares. In the next week or two we will be into some nice plantings of beans and greens so that those crops can make it into the shares. Blueberries will wind down soon, but peaches from Apple Hill Farm are right around the corner.   Enjoy, Greg


                      Full Share                                                                 Half Share

              3 tomatoes                                                     2 tomatoes

              2 lbs potatoes                                                1 lb potatoes

              1 lb carrots                                                     1 lb carrots

              4 sweet onions                                             2 sweet onions

              2 zucchini                                                      1 zucchini

              3 cucumbers                                                 2 cucumbers

              1 eggplant                                                    1 fennel

              1 fennel                                                        1/2 pint blueberries

              1 pint blueberries                                          3 ears sweet corn

              6 ears sweet corn

Posted 7/21/2013 7:12pm by Andre Cantelmo.

               The field crew had it rough last week with temperatures far above normal and humidity as well. We are all looking forward to more seasonable weather this week. The heat has pushed many crops along and also increased the need for irrigation. Hard to believe after all of the rain not so long ago. We have had a rash of deer damage around the farm over the last two weeks. It began with the sweet potatoes and then moved into peppers and tomatoes, culminating with sweet corn. We now have the better part of four acres surrounded by electric fence and hope that this will deter our four legged foes. More drastic measures are certainly on the table. The damage will certainly delay the pepper harvest and that particular tomato planting will be late in ripening.

         New additions to this weeks' share include carrots, sweet onions, blueberries and fennel. The carrots are delicious, although a little on the small side. Ailsa Craig is the variety of sweet onion we grow and though it may not be as mild as a vidalia, it has little pungency and can be eaten raw in salads. The blueberries are ripening well and very tasty, but the birds are harvesting them faster than we can. Come on down and U-pick! Fennel is a new one for us. It has a distinct flavor that doesn't appeal to everyone but can be quite delicious sauteed with onions or other roots.

         Eggplant are coming soon and sweet corn is close. Enjoy, Greg


                             Full Share                                                              Half Share

                        4 tomatoes                                               2 tomatoes

                        2 lbs new potatoes                                     1 lb new potatoes

                        1 bunch carrots                                          1 bunch carrots

                        4 sweet onions                                           2 sweet onions

                        1 bunch chard                                           1 bunch chard

                        3 zucchini or summer squash                    2 zucchini or summer squash

                        3 cucumbers                                              2 cucumbers

                        1 fennel bulb                                             1 fennel bulb

                        1 pint blueberries                                       1/2 pint blueberries

Posted 7/8/2013 4:59am by Andre Cantelmo.

     We've sure had some heat! Most crops are responding positively to the heat, and especially to the very mild nights. The rain has given us a break for the last week so that planting has started again although it took several days for fields to dry out. Let's hope for good working and growing weather for the rest of the month. The deer are active on the same side of town where they gave us problems over the winter and into early spring. As of late they have been relentless in their nibbling of sweet potatoes and we are about to embark on electric fence adventure. These same deer are also sampling tomato and pepper plants, but not the eggplant in between. Go figure!

     Cabbage, zucchini and summer squash are new additions to this weeks' share. The cabbages are very tender leaf types that are suitable for salads. A few cucumbers have appeared and the birds tell me that the first blueberries are ripe. Our earliest corn has been fully in silk for a week. Carrots are within a week or so of harvest. Garlic crop is buried in weeds and the head size won't be very large, but we will have garlic. The spring onion crop looks fantastic and I suspect that all of the rain helped a lot. Enjoy the bounty!          Greg


                            Full Share                                                                    Half Share

                       3 tomatoes                                                      1 tomato

                       1 pint new potatoes                                      1 pint new potatoes or 1 bunch beets

                       1 bunch beets                                                 1 pint sugarsnap peas

                       1 quart sugarsnap peas                                  2 zucchini or summer squash

                       2 zucchini or summer squash                          1 head of cabbage

                       1 head of cabbage                                         1 bunch chard

                       1 head of lettuce                                           2 onions

                       1 bunch chard

                       4 onions

Posted 6/29/2013 8:05pm by Greg Balog.

     As farmers we are having a hard time adjusting to what might now be called a wet year after three very dry ones. Our window of time for preparing ground and cultivating for weed control was mighty short and now the chance for rain seems perpetual. Crops generally grow well in wet years (aside from potential problems with blight and other moisture driven diseases) but they are often harvested from a sea of weeds! Let us hope that the soil dries out regularly to allow for the good work to continue.

     No new additions to the share this week, although onions have reappeared. Zucchini, summer squash, cabbage and blueberries are getting close. All the crops on this weeks list look solid for the forseeable future. Enjoy some great meals and happy fourth!   Greg


                    Full Share                                                   Half Share

          2 tomatoes                                                        1 tomato

          1 pint sugarsnap peas                                        1 pint sugarsnaps

          1 bunch beets                                                1 bunch beets OR 1 pint new potatoes

          1 pint new potatoes                                            1 head lettuce or 1 bunch chard

          1 head lettuce                                                   2 onions

          1 bunch chard

          4 onions

Posted 6/23/2013 8:19pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    We have some serious growing weather now! While it isn't good for everything, it will even some crops out that suffered in the clouds and rain. We still have some big plantings to get in the ground but we are gaining on the backlog. This hot, dry weather gives us great conditions to cultivate many crops that found themselves surrounded by weeds all too happy about the wet conditions we had.

     There are a few new items in your shares this week. Tomatoes were expected and should remain in the share straight on through if the greenhouses continue to produce well. New potatoes came on strong and we did our first harvest Friday. Beets were trickling in but are now in full swing. The garlic is just about all scaping right now. For those who aren't familiar with scapes, they are a stem that emerges from the center of a garlic plant several weeks before the head is full sized. On hardneck garlic it takes on a curl and if left to mature, it would form a cluster of tiny cloves. If left on the plant it also a) reduces the size of the garlic head maturing underground and b) we don't get to enjoy them! They can be used just like garlic or onions although the flavor isn't as strong. I made some new potato salad with raw diced garlic scapes, definitely not too strong for the dish.   

                                          Enjoy, Greg


                            Full Share                                                      Half Share

              1 quart strawberries                                                  1 pint strawberries

              1 tomato                                                                 1 tomato

              1 pint sugarsnap peas                                               1 pint sugarsnap peas

              1 bunch of beets                                                 1 bunch beets or 1 pint new potatoes

              1 pint new potatoes                                                 1 bunch of garlic scapes

              1 bunch of garlic scapes            

              1 head of lettuce

Posted 6/16/2013 8:45am by Greg Balog.

    What a week of weather we had! Here in South Hampton more than 6 inches of rain fell in a week. Many fields are very wet and will remain so for several days. The clouds and cooler temperatures slowed down the growth of many crops. Although there are some clouds out now the forecast looks promising through the week ahead. We'll need all the good weather we can get in order to catch up on our planting and so that our crops will ripen. Strawberries are on schedule, but peas and onions are a week or two behind last year. We have pulled a few beets but they are only just starting to size up. We have a small gap in our lettuce harvest but will have more for next share. We are still battling aphids in our greenhouse tomatoes, but things are looking better and once we get to a sizable harvest tomatoes should remain in the share.

     If you haven't heard yet we are having a grand opening celebration for our new store at Eastman's Corner in Kensington. The festivities will begin at 3:00 next Saturday at the Kensington store. Come on down and see us!



                     Full Share                                                          Half Share

                 2 quarts strawberries                                          1 quart strawberries

                 1 box sugarsnap peas                                       1 box sugarsnap peas

                 1 bunch of kale or chard                                    1 bunch of kale or chard

                 2 spring onions                                                  1 spring onion

                 1 bunch of parsley

Posted 6/9/2013 9:13am by Andre Cantelmo.

      We are still moving forward with planting, tending and harvesting here on the farm. Rain and wet fields have slowed us some and promise continue to do so this week. On the bright side, irrigation hasn't been necessary! We are hoping that by the next share both sugarsnap peas and beets will be ready. Our early tomato greenhouses are weakened by an aphid infestation, but we have it under control in the later maturing houses. Early onions are beginning to bulb and new potatoes have begun to form tubers.

      For those with farm stand pickups make note of the day you signed up for, and if it won't work for you let us know so that it can be changed in our system. In Dover, we apologize for the problems last week with the new pickup location. We will have better signage out this week so that the location will be obvious.

             Thanks, Greg


                            Full Share                                                        Half Share

                   2 heads of lettuce                                               1 head of lettuce

                   1 bag salad greens                                             1 bag salad greens

                   1 bunch chard                                                   1 bunch chard or 1 head choi

                   1 head choi                                                       1 lb potatoes

                   1 lb potatoes

Posted 6/6/2013 7:49pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Hey folks, The Heritage Meat Add-On option begins with this coming week's pickups at the farm-stand, and in Dover and Portsmouth. If you indicated an interest in participating but have not registered and paid yet, we apologize for any confusion. Technical issues with the registration software led to the loss of some data. No worries, however. We will be accepting registrations and payment on the spot on Monday the 10th in Dover and Wednesday the 12th in Portsmouth. There is also room for new participants as well. Details of the program along with a registration form are available at

If you have already mailed your registration info, you are all set to go. Thanks very much!