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Posted 2/21/2014 8:16pm by Andre Cantelmo.

On Saturday the Seacoast Eat Local farmers market at Wentworth Greenhouses in Rollinsford will bring together farmers and local producers from all over the seacoast for a great day of local food and products. The market is open from 10:00 to 2:00. You can find an amazing array of locally grown vegetables, meat, honey, syrup, cheese, prepared foods, crafts and much more. Come on out and enjoy the fare and the sun in this bright and cheery setting. We could all use a little of that this winter!

You can also find our farm this Saturday at the Armory in Somerville for the winter market. Another great market featuring many great local products. The market is open from 9:30 to 2:00.

You can find our produce and other local foods every weekend this winter at our farm stand on Route 107A in South Hampton. Roots, onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, salad greens, apples, meat, dairy, honey, syrup and bread. It's all there!

Posted 2/9/2014 6:27pm by Andre Cantelmo.

  Thank you to everyone who made it to our annual potluck on Saturday night. It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new folks. We really appreciate your feedback about the shares and the farm in general. We will do our best to incorporate your suggestions in to this years' share.

  We are finally turning the corner with greens! This week we will start with lettuce mix for everyone in Dover and Portsmouth and probably move to yukina and arugula at the farm stand. For those in Dover and Portsmouth, we promise that you will see arugula and yukina in the shares ahead. Also this week you will have frozen strawberries. Hard to go wrong with strawberries!

   Last week the first of this summer's onions were sown in the greenhouse. Sweet onions, Ailsa Craig, are first on the list. This week we will also be sowing herbs, flowers and continue with the onions. We have been preparing our greenhouses for the season and before long many of them will be filled. Here we go!


This weeks' share:

2 lbs potatoes

3 lbs carrots

1 lb purple top turnips

1 lb parsnips

1 lb beets

4 onions

1 head of cabbage

1 bag of salad greens

1 bag frozen strawberries

Posted 2/7/2014 2:07pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Reminder about the Heron Pond Farm Annual Meeting

Join us in creating the farms future!

Pot luck and Fellowship 6:00pm-8:00pm

Saturday, Feb, 8, 2014 South Hampton Town Hall, 3 Hilldale Ave, South Hampton, NH

Bring the kids!

Farm Fan: Introducing our new FarmFan program for our most loyal customers! We'll give you points for shopping and we'll send out updates via text message right before each market with availability 

information. This is our way to keep you informed and to say "thanks" for spending your hard earned dollars at our stand. Simply log on to:


 to get started, find us at the market, give us your phone number when you shop with us.   Your reward Points can be redeemed for cash or get some cool Heron Pond Farm gear.  

Eastmen’s: Heron Pond Farm left Eastmen’s corner November 1, 2013.  We started that venture with an eye for creating a larger more sustainable farming community.  Now that we have moved on we need to discuss what is right direction for Heron Pond to go in order to continue to achieve it’s goals.

Winter CSA: Update on what the cold winter has meant for winter growing.  How are we all liking some of those frozen food treats?

Three Season (52 weeks) CSA: We have talked about this before.  What is the best way to split the year into seasons? How do we give good value but remain profitable with CSA?

Dairy Share how we would do it?: Now that Anna (Andre’s wife) is putting together a Dairy share for Appleton Farm, is there an opportunity for Heron Pond Farm to offer one as well?  Is there a need?

Survey:  We have been working with a consultant provided by the Fair Food Network and The New Hampshire Community Fund.  These surveys will help us shape the farm in a way that is right with you.  Please take the time to fill them out.

What do we need more of?

What do we need less of?

What should we bring back? What should we drop?

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

The Heron Pond Farm Team.  

Posted 1/28/2014 3:01pm by Andre Cantelmo.

We here at Heron Pond Farm want you to be in on all the fun going on. To that end we have stepped up our posts to Facebook and twitter. You can like us on Facebook on our page here:  Or follow us on twitter: heronpondfarmer.


Coming this Summer one of our farmers will be writing a food blog. Full of great recipes and feedback about the farm.  We hope you will join us.





Posted 1/26/2014 6:17pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   That thaw was nice, but here we are right back in the arctic. Although we have had some warmth, this winter has had more severe cold than we have seen in some time. It has become a real chore to make sure that all of our storage crops are safe and sound. We've worked hard to upgrade our facilities, but it is an ongoing process and with more storage crops than ever it has kept us on our toes. 

   The cold and clouds that started right before Thanksgiving have also contributed to the relative lack of greens this season. Our greens are grown largely without furnace heat, relying instead on solar warmth. We had to harvest our January greens for December needs, leaving us with very little this month. That will soon turn around with the arrival of ten hour days in early February. Not ony do the plants recognize this milestone on the solar calendar, but if you listen closely your neighborhood birds will let you know that they too welcome this increase in daylength. Look for greens to be back in the mix next month.

  On Saturday February 8th our annual CSA potluck will be held in the evening at South Hampton Town Hall. We'll get a chance to socialize and talk about last season and the season to come. There will be a kids room so that youngsters can stretch their legs. More to come on that event.



This week's share:

2 lbs potatoes

3 lbs carrots

1 lb beets

1 lb parsnips

1 lb purple top turnips

1 head cabbage

1 kohlrabi

4 onions

2 heads garlic

1 bag frozen HPF eggplant or 1 bag frozen HPF corn

Posted 1/17/2014 9:39am by Andre Cantelmo.

     Last call for the Early Bird Special!

     Through the end of this weekend we are offering discounts on our Summer 2014 CSA shares. If you register and pay in full by the end of this weekend the prices are $500 for a full share ($50 off) and $300 for a half share ($25 off). You can register in person at the farm stand this weekend or go to our website.

     Your early payments help the farm run smoothly all spring by paying for the many early up front costs that we incur for seeds, fertilizer and other supplies. A successful spring makes for lots of great produce and many happy eaters!


Posted 1/12/2014 11:47am by Andre Cantelmo.

    It seems safe to say that this is our 'January thaw.' In addition to our usual work of harvesting and washing veggies we are doing some clean up around the farm and planning for the season ahead. Seed catalogs are making the rounds and ideas for new or improved crops are tossed about. In a few weeks our time in the greenhouses will dramatically increase, marking a true start to the new season.

    We hope that you have and will enjoy some of the frozen goodies that are part of the share this winter. We plan to make it a regular feature of the winter share in the future. This week's peaches are from Apple Hill Farm, where the apples and peaches we offer through the CSA and farm stand originate. Another piece of the summer captured for a delicious treat during our 'tropical' January weather!



This weeks share:

2 lbs potatoes

3 lbs carrots

1 lb beets

1 lb parsnips

1 lb purple top turnips

1 lb watermelon radish

4 onions

2 heads garlic

1 kohlrabi

1 cabbage

1 package frozen Apple Hill peaches

Posted 12/29/2013 9:16pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello Heron Pond Farmers!

Registration for the Summer 2014 CSA season is now open . You can register on the Heron Pond Farm web site.

We’ve held our prices and so, once again, a full vegetable share costs $550 and a half share costs $325 (n.b. this is more like a 60% share because the share value usually includes items that can’t conveniently be offered in half the quantity or weight of a full share). A full share is generally enough vegetables and fruit for 2 to 4 people from June to mid-October.

We are offering an EARLY BIRD SPECIAL. You will get $50 off the full share price and $25 off the half share price, if you pay the balance in full by January 19. (Anything postmarked by that date is acceptable.)

As part of the on-line registration process you can pay by credit card using PayPal. Please note there is a 3% fee for the transaction. Alternately, can avoid that fee by mailing a check to Heron Pond Farm, 299 Main Avenue, South Hampton, NH 03827, or by dropping it off at our stand in South Hampton (Winter hours: Friday-Sunday, 10:00 to 5:00). Please note, there will be an additional $30 fee for pickup at any of our remote locations—Dover, Portsmouth, and Newburyport—to offset the cost of transportation. Finally, we require that any balance from a previous season be paid prior to registering for the new season.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is about partnership. By paying for a “share” in the middle of the winter, you are investing in the farm and in the season. The money you pay now is “seed money”—literally and figuratively—because, in fact, we use it to buy for seeds, as well to pay for the million and one things necessary to start planting in the spring. You share the rewards of good weather and a large harvest and you share the risks that can come with bad weather and pests. In return you receive locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables from each week’s harvest at a significant discount from the retail price. Those of you who take advantage of the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL will receive the food at, effectively, our cost to grow and harvest it.

We also invite our members to become involved with the farm. Please visit and let us get to know you! Check out the new barn, the Haygrove Tunnel in the mid-field, and our awesome Kress cultivator. Meet the team, including Zaga, the cat.

We are looking forward to a great year.

Best wishes to you and yours in 2014!

Andre & Greg


Posted 12/29/2013 11:41am by Andre Cantelmo.
  We have come to the end of a tumultuous year at the farm that saw many changes. We are thankful for the opportunity to grow beautiful, delicious vegetables and to have so many great people committed to growing and eating this produce. We are looking forward to the upcoming season and all the great food the year will bring forth. Thank you for all of your support.

  Your shares this week include a little piece of summer. Our very own garlic scape pesto! Enjoy this treat to remember the season that is past and look forward to the one ahead.

   Happy New Year from everyone at the farm!     

This weeks share:

    2 lbs potatoes
    2 lbs carrots
    1 lb beets
    2 brussels sprouts stalks
    1 butternut squash
    1 head cabbage
    1 kohlrabi
    4 onions
    2 heads garlic
    6 apples
    1 package of HPF garlic scape pesto  
Posted 12/20/2013 12:53pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Our farm will be participating in several great markets this weekend.

   On Saturday you can find us in Rollinsford, NH at Wentworth Greenhouses from 10:00 to 2:00. Besides a wide range of vegetables, you can find local meat, eggs, milk, cheese and bread. Also available are some great local products that would make perfect gifts.

   We will also be in Somerville on Saturday from 9:30 to 2:00 at the Armory. This winter market has plenty of local food and some really interesting prepared foods.

   We will be at the Tannery in Newburyport on Sunday for the winter market. This market is unique for being held in a heated tent constructed on site by David Hall and his staff at the Tannery.  The market offers a fine array of local products with many great gift ideas. While there you can also visit many of the great shops that are part of the Tannery. Find us there Sunday from 9:00 to 1:00.

  Lastly, our farm stand in South Hampton is open this weekend from 10:00 to 5:00. All of our delicious veggies plus many other local farm products.

           Happy Holidays from everyone here at the farm!