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Posted 11/2/2014 9:29pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The wind is howling outside right now, bringing with it some very cold air and the feeling of late fall. Not much snow around the farm, thankfully! One new addition to the share this week with scarlet turnips. Milder than purple top turnips and very pretty.

   Storage crop harvest, fall clean up and winter greens planting are the main items on our agenda. Brussels sprouts are just about ready for harvest. Celeriac soon as well.


This week's share:

   2 lbs potatoes

   1 lb carrots

   1 lb beets

   1 lb scarlet turnip

   1 lb watermelon radish

   2 lbs broccoli/romanesco/cauliflower

   6 apples

   2 onions

   2 leeks

   2 winter squash

   1 head cabbage

   1 bunch kale

   1 large bag salad greens

Posted 10/26/2014 6:24pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Well, the corn still lives and you will once again find it in your share. For an autumn that nearly delivered a killing frost on September 18, we may now make it to November without one! As delicious as corn is, and a reminder of summers' warmth, this share mostly reflects the season at hand. For those unfamiliar with watermelon radish, you will find that they bear little in common with any radish you've ever tasted. While they do taste something like a turnip, they are distinguished by their sweetness and of course their beautiful appearance. Leeks are now in the mix and a treat not only at meals but also in their shape and color.

   We are now officially in full swing with storage crop harvest. The root cellar is open and ready to receive the seasons potatoes, which we hope to make a serious dent in this week. At the same time we will begin bringing in rutabagas and celeriac. The list goes on through the third week of November, although hopefully not longer. We are looking forward to our rest once all of the acorns are gathered.


  This weeks share:

    2 lbs potatoes

    1 lb carrots

    1 lb beets

    1 lb watermelon radish

    6 ears sweet corn

    2 winter squash

    2 onions

    2 leeks

    2 lbs broccoli/cauliflower

    6 apples

    1 bunch kale

    1 head cabbage

    1 large bag or 2 small bags salad greens



Posted 10/20/2014 6:39am by Andre Cantelmo.

Good morning.

As some of you know we are about five share short of our goal for the Dover CSA pick up. There is still time join us for the winter. If you or any one you know would like to enjoy a Heron Pond Farm winter share this year we would love to have you. You can still register online at our website. Or you can come to our pick up site and register in person at 126 Mast Rd in Dover.

Many of you have asked about a half share in the winter. Do to the nature of the food and the pick ups in the winter it has been impossible to structure a winter share that makes sense. We will have a new debit share coming this week that you can use at the winter markets and farm stand. More on that soon. We do have lots of folks that would like to have a partner for the winter. If you need a partner reply to this email and we will get you paired up.

If you can’t join us this week but would like to start next as always we will prorate your share.



Posted 10/18/2014 7:18pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   The upcoming week marks the beginning of your winter CSA share pickups. Glad to have all of you on board this winter and looking forward to a great winter of produce!

   I will be sending out this newsletter each weekend with details about your share. Folks in Dover will be the first to pickup each week on Monday. Portsmouth shareholders on Wednesday and South Hampton farm standers Friday through Sunday. For those of you who pickup in South Hampton this means that you will often receive this email BEFORE you even pick up the previous weeks' share. With Dover on Monday, I want to get this email out a day ahead of their pickup. Hope that this causes minimum confusion.

  For those who are new to our CSA we welcome you! I will send out reminder emails this week with the address and times of your pickup. The addresses of our remote pickups are also available on our website.

  Salad greens continue to come in strong and we have several types available. We now have lots of Honeycrisp apples from our friends at Apple Hill Farm. We'll try to make sure that everyone sees some of these. We are in between broccoli plantings right now. White cauliflower is coming in and the romanesco type is trickling in. Butternut, delicata, acorn and kabocha are the winter squash we have available.

  There are two items that will not appear on your share list, but may be available depending on the weather Sunday night (a potential freeze). We have both green beans and sweet corn in the field. IF these crops survive the night, we will include them in your shares. Think warm thoughts!


  Your share this week:

2 lbs potatoes

2 lbs carrots

1 lb beets

6 apples

1 large bag salad greens

1 bunch kale

1 lb broccoli/cauliflower

2 winter squash

1 head cabbage

2 peppers

Posted 10/10/2014 8:13pm by Andre Cantelmo.


    Well here we are at the end of our summer CSA season. The weather has certainly had a fall feel and that looks to continue in the coming days. This is our storage crop harvest season on the farm and the cool weather makes for great working conditions. Next week we'll begin filling the root cellar with potatoes and bring the winter squash into long term storage. After that we have a long list that will take us until Thanksgiving. For those of you who have signed up for a winter share, the next six weeks will see your winter food safely tucked away. If you haven't signed up, we still have space available.

  The usual suspects have returned to the share list, but if you can't make a delicious meal out of these characters, you aren't trying! The Montauk sweet corn is still super, never mind the occasional insect passengers! All types of salad greens continue to come in strong. Our great run on broccoli continues although at a slower pace. Great weather for cooking and eating!

  Thanks so much for a great season. We appreciate all of your input (of all types!) and happy to hear of good food turned into great meals!


                      Full Share                              Half Share

                     2 lbs potatoes                           1 lb potatoes

                     2 lbs carrots                              1 lb carrots

                     1 lb beets                                 1/2 lb beets

                     4 onions                                   2 onions

                     4 ears sweet corn                      2 ears sweet corn

                     4 apples                                   2 apples

                     2 winter squash                         1 winter squash

                     1 pepper                                  1 pepper

                     1 lb broccoli                              1 lb broccoli

                   1 large bag salad greens          1 small bag salad greens

                     1 bunch kale                            1 bunch kale

Posted 10/3/2014 8:31pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Hope that you are in the mood to eat well next week because this share is loaded! While peppers are off the list and tomatoes are not as abundant, we've brought winter squash on, increased the greens and kept other produce at the same amount. Winter squash will primarily be acorn and delicata, as they are the ripest at this point in the season. We have lots of salad greens and will keep a good selection around for those of you who have favorites.

   On the farm we are busy bringing in our onions for storage and removing tomatoes from greenhouses to plant winter greens. Alex has planted many of our earlier fields to cover crop for the winter, with many more acres to go. We are beginning to experience the conflicting demands of the farm this time of year. Cover crops, storage crops, our regular seasonal harvest and planting in the greenhouses for our new season of winter greens. All of these tasks are more fun when we have 'typical' New England fall weather. It sure beats the heat!

  As we near the winter CSA season (summer CSA ends October 18th) we've gotten lots of questions about half shares in the winter. We don't offer a half share in the winter for several reasons. While we may reconsider that policy next year, we have a solution that may work for some of you. Janine manages our farm stand here in South Hampton and has offered to try and coordinate pairing up those of you who would like to 'share' a share this winter. Thanks Janine! If you are interested you can contact her via email:   Please indicate where you would like to pickup, either Portsmouth, Dover or the farm stand.



                  Full Share                                    Half Share

               2 tomatoes                                   1 tomato

               4 ears sweet corn                         2 ears sweet corn

               2 lbs potatoes                               1 lb potatoes

               2 lbs carrots                                  1 lb carrots

               1 lb beets                                     1/2 lb beets

               4 onions                                       2 onions

               4 apples                                       2 apples

               1 winter squash                           1 winter squash

               2 lbs broccoli                               1 lb broccoli

               1 lb beans                                  1/2 lb beans

               1 large bag salad greens              1 small bag salad greens

               1 bunch kale                               1 bunch kale

Posted 9/26/2014 7:45pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    Last Saturday morning we just missed (and I mean JUST) a killing frost on the farm that would have put a serious damper on the food you find in your share. It would have been the earliest killing frost by two weeks going back 15 years. Many other farms in the area were hit hard and we're thankful to still have all the great summer veggies around.

   We are just beginning to find some ripe sweet corn in the planting I had previously mentioned. With the heat expected this weekend (what a difference a week makes!) it should come on nicely for this weeks share. The variety is Montauk, our favorite around here. Hopefully the frost will hold off for several more weeks!

   Next week we'll begin our storage veggie harvest in earnest. Onions, winter squash and lots of potatoes to start. Later we'll tackle carrots, parsnips, cabbage, rutabagas, kohlrabi, watermelon radish and more. Registration is in full swing for the winter share which begins the third week of October. Just around the corner!



                    Full Share                                       Half Share

                4 tomatoes                                        2 tomatoes

                2 lbs potatoes                                   1 lb potatoes

                2 lbs carrots                                      1 lb carrots

                4 onions                                           2 onions

                1 lb beans                                        1/2 lb beans

                2 peppers                                         1 pepper

                4 ears sweet corn                              2 ears sweet corn

                4 apples                                          2 apples

                2 lbs broccoli                                     1 lb broccoli

                1 bunch beets                                   1 bunch beets

                1 bag salad greens                          1 bag salad greens



Posted 9/19/2014 8:43pm by Andre Cantelmo.

    A bit on the chilly side today but still pleasant. Not exactly summer veggie weather but some of those crops are still doing well. Our last field planting of tomatoes has finally come on strong. Lots of hybrids, not so many heirlooms, although we have some heirlooms from our tunnel. Beans still look great and remain in the share. Beets need a week off but will return next week. Corn is slow to mature in this cool weather. Our last two corn fields are beautiful but need some heat to ripen.

   We are beginning to organize our big fall harvests. Onions, winter squash and potatoes are all on the agenda very soon. As our summer harvests lighten up, these storage harvests occupy lots of our time. It is great work on cool fall days although we sometimes run out of light as the days shorten. Great time of year. It is also a great time for cooking. A great selection of veggies and cool weather that doesn't discourage time in the kitchen. Enjoy the bounty!


                        Full Share                                          Half Share

               4 tomatoes                                              2 tomatoes

               2 lbs potatoes                                          1 lb potatoes

               2 lbs carrots                                             1 lb carrots

               4 onions                                                  2 onions

               4 apples                                                  2 apples

               2 peppers                                                1 pepper

               1 lb beans                                               1/2 lb beans

               1 lb broccoli                                              1/2 lb broccoli

               1 bunch kale                                            1 bunch kale

               1 bag salad greens                                 1 bag salad greens

               1 kohlrabi                                                1 kohlrabi

               1 head lettuce

Posted 9/12/2014 7:41pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Well, so much for the summer like heat. We have been thrown right into some crisp fall air. With such a diversity of crops on the farm there is always a crop or more that will be happy with the weather at hand. We can thank last weeks heat for this weeks warm season crops but by next week their production will slow down. Many other crops like beets and greens won't mind the cool a bit.

    When corn returns to the share next week it will likely remain for the duration of the season. Our friendly neighborhood deer have decided to eat your share of lettuce, so salad greens and kale will have to satisfy your greens needs. We are doing what we can to dissuade them from this habit.

    Still plenty of time to sign up for the winter CSA. Our storage crops look great and within a week we will begin seeding greenhouses into winter greens. Local veggies while the snow flies! Sign up on line at or drop me an email and I can you up on this end

                      Full Share                                        Half Share

                 3 tomatoes                                      2 tomatoes

                 2 lbs potatoes                                  1 lb potatoes

                 4 apples                                          2 apples

                 1 lb beans                                       1/2 lb beans

                 2 lbs carrots                                     1 lb carrots

                 1 bunch of beets                              1 bunch beets

                 4 onions                                          2 onions

              1 large bag greens                           1 small bag of greens

              3 peppers                                          2 peppers

               1 bunch of kale                              1 bunch of kale

Posted 9/6/2014 9:21am by Andre Cantelmo.

  With the intense heat of late it doesn't yet feel like fall, but the departure of our student workers for the classroom has thrown all of us into harvest mode. And we certainly have a lot to harvest right now and for the foreseeable future. For early September we are as strong as ever with greens and hope that you enjoy them. Tomatoes are in a little dip until our last field planting comes in. We also have hopes for a late tunnel planting of tomatoes that will yield in October. We'll keep our fingers crossed on this project!

  Two new crops appear on the share this week. Both faced serious weed problems from early in the season. Carrots and corn are finally abundant enough to include in the share. We experimented in our early sweet corn plantings with not using herbicide to control weeds. We used a combination of cultivation equipment instead and the result was almost seven acres of very weedy corn that yielded far below average or not at all. We didn't have any of our own corn until near the end of August. Sweet corn is a low grossing and yielding crop per acre and we cannot afford to have this result again. While we may experiment in the future with different techniques for reducing or eliminating the use of herbicide in corn, for now we will stick with a more conventional approach.

  As for the heat we should just remember the days in January when it is so bitter that any time outside is uncomfortable!


             Full Share                                               Half Share

       2 tomatoes                                                     1 tomato

       2 lbs potatoes                                              1 lb potatoes

       4 ears of sweet corn                                    2 ears of sweet corn

       4 peaches                                                     2 peaches

       2 cucumbers                                                 1 cucumber

       2 zucchini or summer squash                        1 zucchini or summer squash

       2 lbs carrots                                                 1 lb carrots OR 1 bunch beets

       1 bunch beets                                             1 head lettuce OR 1 bunch kale

       1 head lettuce                                             1 small bag of salad greens

       1 large bag of salad greens                           1 sweet pepper

       1 bunch of kale                                             2 onions

       4 onions

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