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Winter CSA Time!

Posted 8/26/2015 6:18am by Andre Cantelmo.

Dear Friends of the Farm,  

It’s hard to believe, unspeakable, banish the thought, but still it’s true, winter is coming.  How about this, it’s not so much that winter is coming as it is that hearty roasting vegetables are coming, warm meals that fill the house with good smells are coming, woodstoves and warm cider, pie pumpkins, soups that heal and comfort are coming.  Think sautéed greens with grated Parmesan melting on top, mashed potatoes, a medley of roasted parsnips beets and carrots so sweet they’ve practically caramelized.  Spinach or arugula salads toped with watermelon radish disks keeping the hope and promise of summer ever present.  Okay, I feel better now. We can do this, another winter is approaching and this will help:  

Registration for Heron Pond Farm Winter CSA is now OPEN! www.heronpondfarm.com  click on CSA in the top row then CSA sign up You can register on line, at the farm stand or at one of our farmer’s market booths.  

Please join us this winter and experience what eating seasonally and locally is all about. New England has so much more to offer than our favorite corn and tomatoes. This land provides us with amazing flavors even in the snow-covered months.  

Four-season farming has been so important to our farm, allowing us to retain our amazing staff by offering year round work  and keeps the momentum of the farm moving. We were always working in the winters, moving snow, fixing all the stuff that broke during the summer season. Now with the winter CSA we have good food and cash flow to go along with that work and we thank you! We think and hope you are getting something out of this too, being a part of making our farm successful means there is a farm here, keeping land open and green, not to mention the delicious local food year round and at a discount.  

Thanks, All of us here at Heron Pond Farm      

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