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Winter CSA Dover 10/31, Portsmouth 11/2, Farmstand 11/3-6

Posted 10/30/2016 7:36pm by Andre Cantelmo.


  Thursday morning saw a low temperature of 29 degrees on the farm and a definite late fall feel to the air. That afternoon we completed our potato harvest as the rain fell and the light was fading. Many more storage harvests on our agenda along with greenhouse plantings and seeding of cover crops. With all of the fall rain, ponds and streams are thankfully beginning to fill up again.

  Several new items on the share this week. Leeks probably need no introduction. At home we often use them interchangeably with onions. Kohlrabi should be peeled and can be eaten raw shredded or cut into sticks. You will find kohlrabi to have a little sweetness and a good crisp texture. We have also sauteed with other veggies and while I haven't personally attempted kohlrabi chips in the oven, several shareholders swear by the method.

  Enjoy the fall bounty.    Greg


This week's share:

                                      Full Share                        Partial Share

Broccoli                              1 lb                                   1 lb

Lettuce                                1                                       1

Lettuce Mix                         1 bag                                1 bag

Apples                                4                                       4

Leeks                                 2                                       2

Kohlrabi                              1                                      1

Roots ( potatoes, carrots, turnips and watermelon radish)

                                         5 lbs                                  2 lbs

Winter squash and Cabbage (all of one item or some of each)

                                        Take 3                               Take 2

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