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Summer CSA. Let's get this party started!

Posted 5/26/2017 4:32pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Strawberries on their way!

Strawberries in the Making

Heron Pond News 5/26/2017

Hello CSA members & folks looking to join us. We are excited for the season to start, as I'm sure you are as well! We are looking at the best strawberry and blueberry crop we have ever seen on the farm. While the rains have held up the production of some crops they have been a god send for others.

If you are unsure of your membership status please check it out here: Check your status! This link can tell you what kind of membership you have, if you signed up for a cheese share, what your outstanding balance is if there is any. Please feel free to contact us if you need to change anything on that list, or if you would like to add a name to the account so they can get the e-mails as well. If you are still looking to renew your membership there is still time and you can do that here: Sign up now!

Our crew has been working hard to make sure we are able to have a solid summer season. As always, we are aiming for our first week of pick-ups to start June 4th. Dover pickups will be every Tuesday, starting on June 6th and Portsmouth will be every Wednesday starting on June 7th.  For the Farm Stand pick-ups you may pick any day of the week that works best for you starting the fourth. 

Because of the cold, wet spring we may be delayed a week. In that case the start dates would be June 11th for the farm stand, June 13th for Dover, and June 14th for Portsmouth. We have a lot of great food growing right now so we aren't willing to push the start date back just yet. Rest assured that we will not have a problem building the full value of the share into this year's share if we do delay a week. As you will see from the photos below, we have been busy little beavers and the crops show it. 

Just a reminder, please make sure to take care of any outstanding balances, preferably before the season starts. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Lisa at lisa@heronpondfarm.com.

Check out the blossom sets on these bushes. We will need your help to eat them all before the birds do. The cucumbers below are part of a greenhouse filled with four varieties. There are 360 vines that look like this. 

We transplant out hundreds of thousands of sets each year. It is nice to have the right people who take the time and care to do it right. Look how straight those rows are! This is our sprouting broccoli crop. These shoots of broccoli that have an almost asparagus like flavor to them. First crop should be out sometime in late June.
Heron Pond Farm is known for it's potatoes. While the green sprouted ones we put in awhile ago will be ready maybe the second or third week of June, these russets we are planting now won't see above ground till late October!
As always we greatly appreciate your support!
See you soon!
Locally yours,

Cheese Share Starts at the Same Time as the Veggie Share

Each week there will be a selection of cheeses to choose from. You can check out some now at the farmers markets or at the stand.

Handmade, small batch, farmhouse cheese made right here on Heron Pond Farm!

Become a founding member of the  Bell & Goose Cheese CSA Taste the very first batches coming out of our cave and see how the recipes develop over our first season. $200 will get you a wedge a week for 20 weeks along side your Heron Pond veggies.

Ripening in our cheese cave now: Camembert—Made with cow’s milk, this cheese is creamy indulgence with a blooming white rind. Tomme—Earthy natural rind and semi-soft interior, aged 3 months, made with cow’s milk. Hard (Aged) Cheese—Look for this towards the end of the season. All good things in time! 

Similar to Boursin, Herb Rounds from Bell & Goose Cheese Co. Will be available at the farm stand this weekend in three flavors.


We Grow Lots Of Tomatoes!
We are happy to say that year after year we are the first local CSA to include tomatoes in our share. We also tend to go the longest. This is due to the investments we have made in covered production. Even our "field" tomatoes spend a good amount of time covered. This increases production, reduces or eliminates spraying and makes for high yields of quality fruit. If you have yet to explore what heirloom tomatoes taste like you will be blown away by the flavored of some of these unusual fruits. 

These plants are starting to become a real jungle. It won't be long now till we are picking hundreds a day from this house alone.


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