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HPF CSA August 23 - 29

Posted 8/22/2015 7:35pm by Andre Cantelmo.

   Folks, that was some serious heat we had. Despite last week's rain, it was looking mighty desert-like around here by the middle of the week. Friday's rain was very timely and so satisfying. I'm not normally one for dancing in the rain but I was tempted yesterday. Some regular rainfall from here on out would make our lives a lot easier.

  Our second planting of carrots has now started to yield some roots and so you'll find those in your shares. You might remember that deer ate the first planting. I can assure you that I haven't forgotten! Heirloom tomato production has taken a dramatic dip but we do still have tomatoes. Sweet peppers and eggplant are trickling in. Corn should be abundant for at least two weeks and the plantings look good for the rest of the season.

  Eat well and see you around the farm,    Greg

This weeks share:

                  Full Share                                           Half Share

             6 tomatoes                                           4 tomatoes

             8 ears sweet corn                                   4 ears sweet corn

             1 bag salad greens                                1 bag salad greens

             1 lb carrots                                            1/2 lb carrots

             1 lb potatoes                                      1 lb potatoes OR 1 lb beets

             1 lb beets                                            1 sweet pepper

             1 sweet pepper                                     1 onion

             2 onions                                              2 cucumbers

             3 cucumbers                                         1 zucchini or summer squash

             2 zucchini or summer squash                 2 peaches

             4 peaches

             1 asian eggplant

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