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Farm News and CSA 7/31-8/6

Posted 7/31/2017 9:42am by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello everyone!

This week the food really started rolling in and the week got away from me. As a result I did not have time to put together our fancy pants emails that we normally do. So here are a few quick notes about the farm and this week’s share.

There still are a lot of blueberries out there. A nice crop is yet to come. Plenty there for folks wanting to come in to pick your own, but we need to let them ripen a bit to send our crew out there. They may return to next week’s share, however, we may want to start sending our shareholders peaches instead. As those of you that have been with us a while know, peaches have been hard to come by the last few years. This year looks like a bumper crop so we want to get them to you soon.

We should have a few beans in the stand and at markets this week. That mean you can count on them being in the share next week. We tend to keep them going for as long as we can in the share. We will have tips on freezing and the like soon.    

Full.                            Partial
3 tomatoes                 2 tomatoes   
5 cukes,                     3 cukes,
zuc/ss                         zuc/ss        
1.5 lbs potato.            1 lb potato
2 onions.                     1 onion
1 kale/chard.               1 kale or
6 beets                       3 beets       
1 Bag Greens              1 Bag Greens
1 Pepper                     1 Pepper