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Early Bird Discount Till Jan 31st!

Posted 1/17/2018 6:38am by Andre Cantelmo.

Time To Sign Up For Your Summer Share & Cheese Add On Be sure to use coupon code "Modoc" for New Member Early Bird Offer.

Returning Members Click Here for Exclusive Offer

You Must Use the Coupon Code Modoc For New Member Early Bird Offer. Returning Members Click Here for Exclusive Offer

First, we would like to thank you for choosing Heron Pond Farm.  Without the involvement of folks like yourself, our local farm couldn't survive. We look forward to having you as a member and are committed to providing quality food to your family!  
One of the benefits of being an "HPF CSA" Member is that you get to "Pick Your Own" from our stand or your sign up location.  Heron Pond farm does not "box" your share. Instead you pick your own food from a share list there to guide you. In order to increase choice and allow for a more flexible share we have a new system for building your share this year. Groups on the share board (much like we do with root groups in the winter) will allow you to pick the items that best fit your needs for that week. Another benefit is you help fund the farm and our planting for the upcoming season. We do everything we can to hold your investment to a reasonable level and provide quality and value. 
This year is no different. You get the opportunity to take advantage of our our "Early Bird" incentives!  This offer is good through Jan.31 2018 for our new members!. Returning Members Click Here for Exclusive Offer  
We have added a few things to the list of benefits "HPF CSA" Members will receive:  
"HPF CSA" Member Card Includes:
  • Enjoy 10% Discount At Farmers Markets.  For when you need a bit more than your usual share.
  • Receive 5% Discount on any and all items in our farm stand. This includes our specialty products (ie. milk, eggs, cheese, local meat,  also coming local beer and wine as well as bulk products) in addition to fresh produce.
  • Custom "HPF CSA" Bag - last year you picked up with your own bag.  This year we will provide you with one.

We also have some more community building benefits for share holders: ·      

  • C.S.A. Pot Lucks. We had so much fun with the few gatherings that we had last year that we have decided to do more of them. Don’t worry if you miss one, another will be right around the corner.        
  • “Ask the Farmer” gatherings. Out at the children’s garden, from time to time, one of the farmers will be set up shop and answer questions about your garden, soil, water use, life, the universe, and everything….       
  • Children’s Garden. Such a big hit the last two years, the show must go on. Kids are welcome anytime to explore the garden. We also have programs for them a few days a week.       
  • Pick Your Own. We will be expanding our pick your own offerings this year and have specials for C.S.A. members only.  

You may want to register for multiple "HPF CSA" programs.  This year we are providing the ability to not only get the early bird discount for "Summer" but are providing access to multiple memberships with additional discounts when you invest by Jan 31 2018.      

2018 "Heron Pond Farm CSA" Member Pricing Chart with Links to Registration 

Season Share Size 2018 Price Early Bird Disc. Total Buy Now
Summer Full Share $600 5% $570 Let's Do This!
  Partial Share $400 5% $380 Let's Do This!
Winter Full Share $600 5% $570 Let's Do This!
  Partial Share $400 5% $380 Let's Do This!
Combined Full Summer/ Full Winter $1200 5% $1140 Let's Do This!
  Full Summer/ Partial Winter $1000 5% $950 Let's Do This!
  Partial Summer/ Full Winter $1000 5% $950 Let's Do This!
  Partial Summer/ Partial Winter $800 5% $760 Let's Do This!

Be sure to check out our Cheese Share add on.

Handmade, small batch, farmhouse cheese made right here on Heron Pond Farm!

Bell & Goose Cheese Share $220

For all the obvious reasons (camembert with strawberries, grilled cheese with heirloom tomatoes, baguettes, etc.) we are once again offering our cheese share. Enjoy a weekly wedge or wheel of our local artisan cheese made right here on Heron Pond Farm. CSA members will be able to choose from a selection of our aged and fresh cheese. On average you’ll take home a half-pound a week. Wheels and wedges vary week to week because we hand cut and hand ladle. I’m pretty sure that’s what artisan means. There are a few surprises aging away in the cave that CSA members will be able to try first along with our consistent line up of cheeses, described below. 

All of our cheese is made with pasture raised cow milk from Bodwell’s Dairy in Kensington, just 10 minutes down the road. 

Herb Rounds- Fresh farmer’s cheese, soft and spreadable rolled in herbs. Think chevre but without the goaty flavor. We use it as a substitute for mayo on our sandwiches and burgers, also great in omelets, or just as is on crackers or bread, this cheese is a beauty and always cheese plate ready. 

Camembert- Brie’s stinky little cousin. White rind, gooey buttery interior, decadent. Grab your self a crusty baguette and call it a picnic. Curd nerd fact: the white rind used to be grey and blue but turned white through domestication. I use a combination of ripening flora one of which accounts for the coral like rippling on the rind. 

Quarry Stone Tomme- A little shout out to my beloved granite state. This cheese is aged about 6 months sometimes longer and often has crystals in it. This cheese is bright and nutty, just like our favorite people. 

Hunca Munca (previously Hayloft)- Named for the Beatrix Potter character in A Tale Of Two Bad Mice. This cheese is a big hunk of jarlsburg style swiss cheese and is so creamy and tasty its sure to bring out the bad mouse inside of you. 

Flora Hayward- Alpine style, aged 8 to 12 months, brothy and smooth this is my signature cheese. Flora Hayward is my ancestor who was one of the first female doctors who practiced out in Deadwood South Dakota, treating folks like Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok. 

Caerphilly- A welsh cheddar, very different from American and British cheddars, this cheese has a fudgy texture with pleasant tang and bitterness. Pair this with your favorite bitter beers, crusty rye bread, or bold mustard on a sandwich. 

Cheese Curds- Squeaky cheese! Eat this cheese like popcorn, throw it on salads, make your own poutine. Addictive little nuggets of salty goodness.

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