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Farm Share Pickup 1/11/18-1/17/18

Posted 1/10/2018 10:02pm by Andre Cantelmo.

Hello All!

I couldn't be happier this week with a break from that brutally cold weather we were having. Yes it has only been about 40° but the warmth in combination with conversations around summer CSA sign-ups I can't help but get excited for the spring and summer season... and in honor of that joy we have for you in this weeks share one of my favorite summer delights... PEACHES!!! Frozen and ready to put a smile on your face! May I suggest peach pancakes for dinner! Or perhaps you have a cheese share, the Camembert would be a wise choice. Warmed and topped with peaches drizzled in honey! Yum! Well I hope you enjoy your peaches along with the rest of your share and as always check out the recipes at the bottom to spice things up!


6lbs Choice of Roots:Potatoes/Sweet Potato/Carrots/Parsnips/Turnips/Radish

Choice of 2: Rutabaga/Gilfeather Turnip/Kohlrabi/Winter Squash

2lbs Onions

4 Apples

1 Head of Lettuce

1 container of Frozen Peaches


3lbs Choice of Roots:Potatoes/Sweet Potato/Carrots/Parsnips/Turnips/Radish

Choice of 1: Rutabaga/Gilfeather Turnip/Kohlrabi/Winter Squash

1lbs Onions

2 Apples

1 Head of Lettuce

1 container of Frozen Peaches


Let's Talk Food!

I wanted to feature some of the under loved roots of the winter season. However one of them happens to be my favorite, the rutabaga! The sweetness of the rutabaga when paired with the peppery spice of a turnip creates a beautiful medley of flavors!

First, you can keep it simple and make a mash of the two roots. Peeled, chopped and boiled until they're soft. Mashing them together with a little butter, salt and pepper. You can choose to add a little more richness to the dish, and shave some fresh cheese to top it off. May I suggest Bell&Goose Flora Hayward Alpine for a little rich nuttiness.

Secondly, who doesn't need a new soup recipe for this glorious soup season! Try this rutabaga turnip and carrot soup recipe, it's a delight! It also uses a number of roots in your share encase you have a few stored up. I substituted onions for leeks, as well as celeriac for the celery. You could also choose to change up the recipe a little using coconut oil instead of olive oil and add a little spice of curry powder, ginger and turmeric. Also, when I'm making any blended soup I prefer to use an emulsion blender right in the pot. This is easier than transferring the soup to a blender or food processor and less clean up. Hope you enjoy!


Remember your Pickup Time:

Farm Stand - Thursday, January 11th- Sunday, January 14th

Dover - Tuesday, January 16th

Portsmouth - Wednesday, January 17th


As always thank you so much for your continued support!




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